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Howdy Gamers!

Not too long ago, Top 9 Games were a hot commodity across pretty much every online game group I was part of. I put it off, shy to share with people I didn’t know (and hey, look at me now writing to all of you who I think are out there…right?…) and maybe also a bit unsure of what my top 9 actually were.

I like a lot of games, and I’d say I like a lot equally. But I also like them for different reasons. I mean how can I truly weight a card game like Karma (which I give a 10/10 on BGG for the record) against a large moving pieces game like Gloomhaven? They’re both good, but for different reasons and in many different ways.

Recently my fiance and I discovered a site where you can import everything you own, or have rated, on BGG and it’ll pair them up and have you vote. After a long time (if you’ve rated as many as us) you get your top game list!  These all made my top 10, but are in my image in no particular order. I will say, Space Base did come up as my #1. I do love that game, and will probably always want to play it, but there are times where some of these other games are definitely better to me.

Nonetheless, it’s a really fun thing to do, and if you want to make one yourself (and totally share it with me!) check out the links below! I’ve also included a 1 sentence summary of something I adore about each game in my top 9. Whether you do it or not, and whether you can choose a top 9 or have trouble with decisions (meeeeee, all the time, to be quite honest) I wish you the best gaming experiences, always!

Happy Gaming, Folks~

  • Space Base – I get to constantly upgrade my ship, manage my resources, and meticulously time my own consumption of points.
  • Stuffed Fables – All of my dreams of finally becoming one of my stuffed animals have finally come true, and I also get to live out the whole Toy Story dream of doing good deeds for my human, life is great.
  • Legendary – (I want it on record that this choice encompasses ALL of Legendary, not just the base game) It has all of my favorite Marvel characters and let’s me fight as heroes or villains, I could want nothing more from my superhero themed games.
  • Sagrada – It’s gorgeous, easy to play, and challenging to master, a perfect balance.
  • T.I.M.E Stories – I’ve had the most amazing times with my group, working my way through different times just trying not to fail Bob.
  • Grand Austria Hotel – I love anything that lets me roll dice, and this adds so many layers to action taking.
  • Blackwood – Witches and potions, dude, enough said. (side note – Halloween is my favorite thing ever, and this definitely has those vibes).
  • Argent – There’s hidden info, and always tons of actions to take; the meticulous strategy is what got me into heavier games.
  • Kitchen Rush – Real time co-op that seriously gives you that feeling of being in a kitchen doing your best not to get fired if the food isn’t quick enough.

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