Hey Friends and Fans … if you’re out there.

As much as I love talking about the games that I love (and maybe trashing a few that I don’t so much love) I would love to know what games you’d like to see me write about? If I have them, I’d be happy to play, snap a few photos, and tell you my down and dirty thoughts about them. If not, I’ll try to pick up a copy (if it’s in my price range) or at the very least keep it in mind should I ever come across it for a decent price.

So throw all your suggestions at me! I’m ready for them to fly! Leave me some comments, or check out my Contact page to find my twitter info and hit me up on there. (Are people still saying “hit me up,” by the way? Asking for a friend.)

I look forward to hearing some things from you …  if ya’ll exist?

Happy gaming!