Howdy Sherlock-ian fans! If you’re a good ol’ lover of the beloved Sherlock novels, the fabulous movies, or just the stunning performance by Benedict Cumberbatch in the television series, then 221B Baker Street is a premium game choice for you. Becoming a master sleuth yourself is easy with this fun and simple game that can be played cooperatively OR competitively. “Two ways! That’s crazy!!” I know right? So here’s a little bit about the game (just to wet your whistle) and why I think it’s pretty cool that you can play both ways.

So basically, and believe me this game is more basic counting to ten, it’s a roll and move game, SURPRISE! You make your way to different locations on the board to uncover clues to solve a mystery!! YAYYY! Yes, seriously. That is actually the whole game. It’s light, simple, and perfect for a family game night over a hardcore gamer’s night in.

So here’s where it gets just a little interesting (I swear, only a little, don’t get too excited). So, in the competitive version you look at the clues individually (obviously) and see who can solve the case and get back to Sherlock the quickest. Now, true roll and move fashion, that can get a little annoying and unfair if one person is rolling well and another isn’t, for obvious reasons. Thus, cooperation! In that version you don’t roll and move, you just choose which locations you want to visit and see how few clues you can solve the case in. The fewer clues needed, the better your rank on Sherlock’s scale is!

There are a few more, teeny rules that I didn’t mention, which you can read all about when you play and/or buy this cute little diddy. (Clearly, I have all the hip language under my belt). But all in all it’s a good game that I think a lot of people can get into. You can have a few intense rounds of beating each other with passionate fire, then calm down a little and work together to solve a few. The newest edition of the game comes with like 200 cases or something insane like that, so it’s certainly a worthy investment!

*This is not a paid/compensated promotion*

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