Dwarves, beware. While great treasures may lie ahead, so does a large and in charge dragon who wants you out of his cave. Tread carefully as you slyly collect the treasures along the path that long-gone adventures left behind. If you’re caught by the dragon you may end up leaving some gold behind, and being pushed back along your path.

Who will reach the dragon’s cave first and collect the most gold for the win? Let’s find out!

What Is It?

A push your luck game for 2-4 where players are trying to reach the Dragon’s cave without being caught, since being caught would mean moving backwards down the path, and potentially losing some gold. If players choose the same colored space as the Dragon – they are caught! The role of the Dragon trying to catch the thieving dwarves changes each round so that all players have a chance to thwart their opponents.

Players can keep their gold safe by playing their treasure chest card to move it from their purse to their chest, where the Dragon can’t get to it. Once someone reaches the Dragon’s cave at the end of the path, the game ends, and the player with the most gold wins!

Who Is It For?

I’d recommend this one to kids and families because it’s relatively light and quick. I think 8+ would probably be a good age range. It’s not super tough to learn, but the little bit of strategy with pushing your luck can be tricky for younger gamers.

I don’t recommend it at 2 players, so groups of 3 or 4 are ideal for this. If you like push your luck games, you’ll probably enjoy this because there’s a nice balance of risk/reward.

Contents + Quality

Board – Fun and colorful. Nice size for what it’s used for.

Player Pieces – Nice wooden pieces with characters printed on them. Very cute!

Cardboard Tokens – The gold and the purses. Simple/average quality. The gold pieces have a fun design on them.

Treasure Chests – These are super nifty little cardboard treasure chests. They are easy to put together and fit in the box assembled. They’re also the perfect size for the amount of gold you can ever have in a game. I love them!

Cards – Average quality. Images are all very clear. Nice to have the images along with the colors for colorblind players.

Rules – Clear and concise, easy to learn from.

Box – Perfect size for what comes in it. Nice box art.


2-Players – The only way to play with 2 players is with this variant. Each player plays as 2 dwarves, but moves only one each time they play a card.  The Dragon role only rotates when someone is caught or plays the treasure chest card. It works, but it just isn’t as exciting as the game is with more players. Sometimes it can also be a little frustrating if you’re caught after playing 1 card, but your opponent might get to play a few.


  • Cute art/pieces
  • Quick to learn and play
  • Great for families/kids
  • Good balance of risk and reward/penalty; does the push your luck mechanic well


  • Doesn’t play great at 2 players in my opinion

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a super cute and light push your luck game that would be a great addition to any collection. I think it would be great for younger gamers or even non-gamers, especially to introduce them to the push your luck mechanic if they aren’t super familiar with it.

I don’t recommend it at 2 because it just gets a little stale, especially if players are pushed back a bunch, it can just last a little too long. But at 3 or 4 it’s a lot more strategic and fun.

My Final Ratings:
Overall Game – 7/10
Aesthetics – 7/10
Difficulty – 2/10
Replayability – 6/10

Additional Information:
Designer – Marco Teubner
Artist – Sylvain Aublin
Publisher – Blue Orange Games
MSRP – $15.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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