Hey there gamers! I thought it would be fun to end the year with a little Top 100 List! I hadn’t updated my top 10 page in a while, and knew it was time, then I thought, why not just do a quick comparison of all the things I’ve rated on BGG? 🙂

I used this nifty site here and … voila! Top 100! These are just some games I love (no expansions included), from all different years, ranked, and some with a little snippet. I plan to try and do this every year to see how much things change, or if I’m pretty consistent. Feel free to let me know what some of your top games are, or make suggestions for me based on things I like – I’m always looking for more games!! It’s gonna be a long one, so buckle in! 

Happy Gaming, and Happy New Year, folks!
*Note – I don’t own all the below images. I pulled some from BGG pages. The image above is mine*

100 – 91

(c) Out Of The Box Publishing

100. Catch the Fox – Great, silly deterity game!
99. Lewis & Clark – A nice worker placement game, has fallen from a higher ranking for me though
98. Mystery of the Abbey – I’m sad you need 3 players for it, but when I get a chance to play, it’s a great time!
97. Gloomhaven – I know, “How could it be ranked so low?!” Well, reasons I suppose. 
96. Sea of Clouds
95. DICEcapades
94. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong – I wish I had a big enough group for this more often!
93. Mysterium
92. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game
91. Wallamoppi – Such a fun and fast-paced game!

90 – 81

(c) Posted by W. Eric Martin;
Provided by publisher

​90. Rampage – One of my favorite dexterity games!
89. Codenames – Used this to account for all iterations of Codenames – great party game
88. The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains – The only RDI I separated out cause I love how it changes up the original
87. Die Schlacht der Dinosaurier
86. Fish Cook – Worked to upgrade this with nice dice!
85. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1  – Would love to get a second copy and play this one again
84. Dragon Strike
83. Hardback
82. Clank!
81. La Isla

80 – 71

(c) Me!

​80. Anthelion: Conclave of Power – New to my collection, early copy, but a fast favorite!
79. The Magic Labyrinth – I will probably never be good at this, but it’s awesome nonetheless
78. Splendor
77. Wazabi: Spicy Edition
76. Star Realms
75. Veggie Garden
74. Burke’s Gambit – Favorite social deduction game!
73. Lost Woods
71. Takenoko

70 – 61

(c) Me!

70. Betrayal at House on the Hill – Ahhh, my very first hobby game! Always holds a special place in my heart
69. Asking for Trobils
68. Kingdom Builder: Big Box – Big Box is the only way to go!
67. Paperback
66. Sprawlopolis
65. Stroop – I have to learn the rules and do a practice round every time I play because I’m so confused, but still love it!
64. Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin – Used this to count for all the escape room type games (Exit, Unlock, Escape Room: The Game…) I love a lot of them so they had to make the list in some way!
63. Paradox
62. Seasons – We used to play this one so much when I first got into the hobby. A lot of fond memories!
61. Inis

60 – 51

(c) Me!

60. Marvel Heroes – Fantastic game for every Marvel loving gamer
59. Five Tribes: The Djinns of Naqala
58. The Gallerist
57. ROLL for Your Life, Candyman!
56. Nut So Fast
55. Funglish – One of my favorite party games, definitely a lot of fun to be had.
54. Abyss
53. GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck – We play this one more than anything in the collection I think! Only game I can think of that shows significant card wear.
52. Queendomino
51. Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents – Great game that was great to bring home for some holiday fun!

50 – 41

(c) Posted by W. Eric Martin;
Provided by publisher

50. Qwixx Deluxe – Kept tihs in for Qwixx or deluxe. Amazing game that I could play a million times
49. Anachrony – It’s hard to get me to play this cause it’s so intimidating, but i always enjoy it. Doesn’t hurt that I have never lost either!
48. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
47. Caverna: The Cave Farmers
46. Bora Bora
45. Forbidden Bridge
44. Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men – Placeholder for all Dice Masters, just cause X-Men is my favorite. Great 2-player game!
43. Camel Up – Can’t decide if I want the new one just for the plastic pyramid, any opinions?
42. Lords of Waterdeep
41. Relic Runners- Love me some Days of Wonder!

40 – 31

(c) Me!

40. Sheriff of Nottingham – Classic great time in our group. Get’s very silly!
39. Heart of Crown – Amazing spin on deck building
38. Kitchen Rush
37. Meeple Circus
36. Las Vegas
35. Monikers – Replaced Time’s Up for me, much more relevant!
34. How To Serve Man
33. Alhambra: Big Box – Like I said, go big or go home!
32. Potion Explosion – Replaced the marbles with some swirly ones. Gotta upgrade all your faves!
31. The Red Dragon Inn – Counting for everything but Villains. Such an amazing game that has gotten a bunch of my friends into gaming. 

30 – 21

(c) Posted by W. Eric Martin;
Provided by publisher

​30. Alien Frontiers
29. The Grimm Forest – Such a gorgeous game!!
28. Alhambra: The Dice Game
27. Arcadia Quest – So many amazing minis and powers. I like it best at 4, but since we rarely have that, it’s still great to play at 2
26. Downforce
25. Sunset Over Water
24. Santorini – I’m never big on abstract, but this is the perfect 2-player game
23. Above and Below – There is so much to love in this one.
22. Brass Empire
21. Yamataï

20 – 11

(c) Me!

20. Heroes Wanted – Has always been one of my favorites. I was kind of sad when we finished all the scenarios, but that just means we get to play them all again! 
19. Mystic Vale – Love this type of deck builder. Varies so much every play.
18. Karma – Favorite card game! So happy someone at a previous FLGS showed me this!
17. Dicenstein – Recently got promo dice for this, very exciting!
16. Istanbul: Big Box
15. Kingdomino
14. Deep Sea Adventure – So much fun in such a small box!
13. Blackwood
12. Broom Service
11. Stuffed Fables – Such a cute story game!

10 – 1 !

10. The Castles of Burgundy – Gets better with every play!
9. Everdell – Another very new game to me, but I love it so much and its table presence makes it even better 
8. Roll Player – Great game that is even more amazing with the expansion
7. Grand Austria Hotel – Got some gorgeous dice to upgrade this one because I love it so much and wooden dice aren’t great
6. Tumblin’ Dice – So simple and silly but I will never pass up a game!
5. Argent: The Consortium – Love it every time! Love the pieces in the newer edition
4. Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Place holder for all Legendary things (Marvel that is). Love all the combos so much. My favorite deck builder.
3. T.I.M.E Stories – So many amazing memories of this game!
2. Sagrada – I’m not really surprised this and Roll Player both made the top 10. Such an amazing and beautiful game, this one, I’m always ready to play it!
1. Space Base​ – I didn’t realize how much I liked this one until I was rating things, but I love it. It’s a fun time every time I play. I like that you can super power a slot to make it ultra powerful. I also like the balance of when to go for points vs more upgrades. A really fun dice rolling game that has a lot of room for variability and some light strategies. 

(c) Me!