Hey Gamers! If you’re looking for the perfect dice for DnD, or dice trays for any game when you roll dice, then you might want to check out Dice Dragons! They have a whole bunch of variety, so there’s something for everyone! Let’s check them out.

Dice Dragons has a bunch of different products available, but for this review, we’re looking at some dice and dice trays!

One option for dice trays is square, which come in 7 different colors, and have a leather interior. Another option is hexagon which come in 4 different colors and have a soft, velvety interior.

They have a variety of different dice sets available – DnD sets, d6 sets, metal sets, opaque sets, and more.

I would recommend these to RPG players or anyone who needs some dice and/or dice trays to roll in. They are great to help control your roll, and the hexagon ones in particular soften the dice rolling noise a bit as well, which can be nice. They are great for all ages, though of course not small children who might put the dice in their mouths.


  • The velvety interior on the hexagon tray is very nice quality.
    • This one also lessens the sound on dice rolls, which can be nice
  • Both dice trays are a very nice size. Not a table hog, but could easily roll multiple sets at once if needed for some type of gaming combat
  • Easy to click the trays together, and also undo them if you need to save space when storing
    • They are fairly thin when laying flat, so very easy to store


  • Good weight/feel on the dice
  • Printing is very clear for the numbers, both font and color
  • Gorgeous color (at least the set I have), very nice table presence
  • The red tray – while a gorgeous color in general – was a bit dark, so it was harder to see the dragon design, and certain dice didn’t look as nice against it when rolling

I thought these products were great! Everything was nice quality, and worked well for what they were designed for. If you are looking to upgrade your dice rolling games, whether with actual dice, or just trays to roll them in, you should definitely check these out! Plus, they also have a bunch of other dice related accessories which look super cool!

Additional Information:
MSRP – $12 (dice & square tray); $15 (hexagon tray)
Free UK shipping; international shipping available

*I was provided these products to do a review*