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The Thrill of The Theme Park is Waiting!

The race is on! In just 5 months, Mayor Tenpenny wants to see this town turned into the new home of the world’s most amazing theme parks! You’ll have to inspire your visitors and fill them with awe and joy through thematic attractions, delightful concessions, and memorable souvenirs. Attract the most visitors to win Fairview’s Golden Key! Let’s get building!

Who’s Hungry for Sushi?

Hungry? Let’s have sushi! Get ready to feast on a variety of sushi types, enjoy some side dishes, and maybe try a little wasabi, if you’re feeling adventurous! Be kind to the staff and they may help you get even more sushi on your plate. Well, come on, grab a menu and let’s eat!

Let’s Get Learning at the Guild Academy!

You’ve devoted yourself to Valeria for a long time. War, crops, visions… you’ve seen it all. But you won’t be around forever. So, it’s time to educate the next generation of students and have them carry on your legacy. You’ll need to get the right classrooms and professors to help your students, and influence certain ministers in order to have their support when your academy is judged. Let’s get cracking!

Fame Favors the Boldest Ruler!

If you’re ready to make your mark on history, now is your chance! As you take on the role of a Maya royal family, you will strategize your best moves to expand your kingdom, construct your pyramid, and receive the favor of the gods. There are many ways to earn fame, but only if you earn the most will you be recognized forever by the deities. Let’s get started!

Embark on a Path Toward Transcendence

Are you ready to become the next great Bitoku spirit of the forest? It’s no simple task, you know. Yōkai, pilgrims, and kodamas can help you on your journey, but, ultimately, your choices are what will determine your faith. There’s a lot to factor in, and no time to waste. We’d better get started…

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