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Your Empire is Waiting

Another day, another dollar. The world of Cobalt is ruled by corporations like yours, but do you think you have the drive to be the best? You’ll have to expand your team of employees, recruit strong units, and construct impressive buildings to acquire more wealth than your competition. Better start expanding, the brass is waiting for you!

Your One Stop Shop on the Way to Save the World!

When you own a magic item shoppe, you want to keep the best crafted items in stock for all the adventurers who pass through. You will have to craft as many items as you can, and research as many spells and enchantments as you can in order to earn a reputation as the best shoppe around. Think you can handle the pressure?

Keep Your Fire Bright and Your Attacks Strong!

We call on our mightiest adventurers to save out kingdom from danger! Vile creatures roam the land, on a quest to resurrect the unhallowed creatures and stop anyone who might get in their way. It’s up to you to work together and use your weapons, abilities, and skills to protect the kingdom. Can we count on you?

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