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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, It’s a Mystery for All

A dead sister. A kidnapped actress. A mystery only you can solve, Detective. Gather clues to find out where Danielle Dove is, who took her, and why all of this is happening. Focus on the important details, and do your best not to get side-tracked by red herrings that will only waste your time. Hurry, there isn’t a moment to spare!

Your Next Headline is Waiting – Chronicles of Crime: 1900

Tomorrow’s paper isn’t going to write itself, Lavel! So are you going to get the next great scoop, or is Les Nouvelles de Paris going to have to find another young journalist to lead the charge? It’s time to act on your interest in murders, kidnappings, and robberies, and use your wits to solve the crimes! What are you waiting for? The clues are waiting, let’s go!

A Deck Fit For a Detective

A mystery is afoot at the local museum and paranormal activity is the primary suspect. Could it be true? It’s up to you to figure it out! Can you solve the mystery, or will whoever, or whatever, is behind the crime get away with it? You’ll need a high attention to detail to find all the clues, so don’t rush through the evidence too quickly, or you’re bound to miss something important!

Figure Out Whodunit In No Time At All!

Forget everyone you ever thought you could trust, detectives. We have 13 suspects and even Sherlock Holmes himself is among them. You’ll need to outwit your fellow crime solvers to be the first to crack this case! Hurry, the game is afoot!

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