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Can You Free The Kingdom?

For many years, the Demon King has roamed the land, leaving only terror in his path. If only we had a strong and worthy hero to rid us from his reign! Oh … you would like to give it a try? Well, I suppose we have nothing to lose! All you have to do is navigate dangerous landscapes, traverse the the mysterious whirlpools, and visit the Demon King’s throne to face him once and for all! Piece of cake, right? Please, finally free our shackled kingdom!

Meet Your Magical Match

In a battle of magical strength – who wins? An almighty genie, capable of immense power? Or the clever stage magician Houdini with his faithful assistant at his side, and a few tricks up his sleeves? The match-up may not seem quite equal, but it is anyone’s game if you can play your cards right.

Your One Stop Shop on the Way to Save the World!

When you own a magic item shoppe, you want to keep the best crafted items in stock for all the adventurers who pass through. You will have to craft as many items as you can, and research as many spells and enchantments as you can in order to earn a reputation as the best shoppe around. Think you can handle the pressure?

Will the Darkness Consume You?

Dark magic sure is enticing, but using it may come at a price, especially when you’re using it to appease the wishes of a demon prince… Will you do as you are told, no matter what the consequence, or will you choose to forge your own path and perhaps face a wrath unlike any other? It is your adventure to take, your story to write, and your choice to make as the dark mage.

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