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Learn More About HerStory

Hey Gamers! Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with Danielle Reynolds, designer and developer of HerStory from Underdog games, and pick her brain a little bit about the game/her process and so forth.

The game is a drafting, engine-building, set collection game where players are trying to put together a book telling the stories of remarkable women from history. This theme really grabs me, and the gameplay sounds right up my alley too, so I’m really excited to check out the game soon. For now, let’s see what Danielle had to say about it!

GenCon with The Op

Image provided by The Op

Hey there, all you gorgeous gamers, and welcome back! Today I’ve got a treat for you in the form of an interview! I don’t usually get to go to Gen Con, and this year is no different. But since no one else is going either, I was lucky enough to book a virtual interview with Ross from The Op! I got to sit down with him and talk about all of the AWESOME things they have in store for everyone, and what’s already available! So if you their games and want to learn more, read on!

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