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Break Your Chains to Escape Your Nightmares

You are the children that the evil Daemon has captured in its’ nightmare castle. It is trying to chain you down and keep your souls for all eternity. If you stick together while investigating the castle, and use your unique abilities wisely, you’ll surely be able to escape the vicious nightmares. Good luck!

Gloom Lurks Behind Every Corner…

As a member of the Charming Family, you’re just trying to live your best life, in peace. Unfortunately, the villagers in Banebridge seem hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen. They are working overtime to turn up evidence against the family, and prove foul play. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to protect the Charming name. Whether that involves bribery, coercion, or even….murder.

The Apocalypse Has Nothing On Us!

Well, the world has gone to hell and now it’s a chore just to make it through the day. On the somewhat bright side, at least you’ve got your trusty team of survivors to help you through it all. Together, you can work through just about anything! The monsters keep coming, and the hunger sets in quicker than you expect day after day, but with some clever maneuvering you’ll make it through one apocalyptic day after another.

Can You Survive This Solo Slasher?

In the face of danger, do you run, or do you fight? As the Final Girl, you are the last one standing. With nothing between you and the ruthless killer who has already decimated everyone around them, you know it’s do or die – kill or be killed … and you aren’t ready to lay down and die tonight.

Explore a Gamebook of Horrors

When the macabre stories of Edgar Allan Poe combine with the twists and turns of a choose your own adventure book, you get one wild tale that’s bound to keep you on your toes. Does the Edgar Allan Poe Horror Gamebook do the stories and the format justice, or do they only fall flat when combined? Let’s find out.

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