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Your Empire is Waiting

Another day, another dollar. The world of Cobalt is ruled by corporations like yours, but do you think you have the drive to be the best? You’ll have to expand your team of employees, recruit strong units, and construct impressive buildings to acquire more wealth than your competition. Better start expanding, the brass is waiting for you!

Ooey, Gooey, Cheesy, and Firey Too!

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! You get to build your very own cheese factory! Buy all the machines you can to help you out, and stock up on ingredients so you can make all the best and boldest cheese you can dream about! But, keep a sharp eye on the competition because they’re always trying to start fires in your factory and destroy your best machines. May the best cheese maker be crowned the big cheese!

Something Wicked is Brewing

Eye of rabbit, tongue of newt, dead man’s toe, and … no, no, that can’t be right …

Witchcraft isn’t always easy, but being a successful witch is all about wielding powerful magical ingredients to brew beautiful, bubbling potions! But beware, too many ingredients isn’t always a good thing. Too much power can cause things to explode, and let other witches gain power over you. It’s time to reveal who’s the best witch of the bunch.

Prove You’re the Best Mayor in the West!

Time to put your skills to the test and prove you’re the best in the west! Plan and construct buildings to create the greatest town you can and earn yourself the title of Mayor of Tumble Town! Choose your buildings wisely so that they can help you build more, bigger, and better buildings as you go. Ready to prove yourself? Let’s get started!

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