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These Magical Creatures are Waiting For You

In the summer, the forest is full of glorious, magical Faerie Folk. You are on a mission to find those Faeries and make fast friends. It will take a bit of courage, but soon, you will be able to gain their trust, and befriend them in no time. You’d better get started before the summer, and your chance,
fades away!

Your Empire is Waiting

Another day, another dollar. The world of Cobalt is ruled by corporations like yours, but do you think you have the drive to be the best? You’ll have to expand your team of employees, recruit strong units, and construct impressive buildings to acquire more wealth than your competition. Better start expanding, the brass is waiting for you!

Become the One True Hero of the Realms!

While Thandar is home to all different types of beings, it is not always all peace and prosperity. Sometimes, champions get at each others’ throats, abilities are put to the test, and factions must stand together to overcome adversaries. Let’s see how you stack up against the competition!

Heroes Beware the Monster’s Lair!

Those pesky heroes are always trying to get into our dungeon and steal our hard-earned treasure! Well, monsters, it is high time we start fighting back and show them we mean business! We need to band together and keep them out of our hair! (Yes, and fur, and scales, et cetera). We’ll use our individual strengths to keep the dungeon stocked with defenses, take the heroes down, and protect our home! Let’s go – it’s time to strategize!

Top 5 Japanime Games

I’ve never been huge on anime. I only started watching some when I went to college, and I’ve only found a handful of series that I really enjoy. So, I would have assumed that I’d not really care for most games a company called Japanime would put out. That would be incorrect however, and for good reason! I think Japanime’s games are often overlooked because of their themes and art styles, especially in America. So I want to talk about a few of my favorites in case they aren’t on your radar yet, because they should be. Spoiler alert: They are really good at deck builders, so if you like deck building games, this is a list you want to check out.

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