Do you love stacking games, but have a group that’s tired of the same old game of Jenga? Then never fear – Quaggle is here! Okay, you probably weren’t going to fear anyway … but you should still keep reading.

With odd shaped pieces and various game modes, Quaggle will kick lots of other stacking games to the curb! Let’s check it out.

What Is It?

A simple stacking game for 2-12 players with 4 different game modes (which we will dive deeper into shortly) and tons of replayability. You can work together or compete for the best stacking score. Interlock, place, balance, and hook the pieces as best you can and don’t let them hit the table!

Who Is It For?

I’d recommend this to fans of stacking games who are looking for a little variety. It’s great for all ages, because it is super easy to learn, and you can choose to play it without scoring points, if maybe you’re playing with younger kids who just want to have some fun with stacking.

Great game for families and big groups because it plays up to 12 and is a different from your typical party game.

Contents + Quality

Wooden Pieces – There are 2 red pieces for the base, and 12 white, 10 gray, and 3 yellow play pieces. They’re nice, big, chunky, and come in a bunch of fun and unique shapes. Only tiny issue is that some of the red paint on the base pieces rubbed off on a few of the lighter colored play pieces, but it doesn’t affect the game so it’s no big deal.

Cards – Pretty average quality. Clear what shape they are. They were incredibly tight in the deck box that was included, so they were hard to get out for the first time.

Rules – Nice format, splits everything up by game mode. Clear, concise, and easy to learn from.

Box – Average cardboard box, not super high quality. But everything fits in the box nicely. There’s also outlines in the bottom of the box to make it easy to put everything away easily so it all fits, which is an awesome touch!

App – Not included, technically, but it is a free app which you can use for the Countdown and Quick game modes. It’s okay. There’s no sound for Quick mode, and Countdown only has a timing sound in the last 8 or so seconds. I prefer sound the whole time, myself. There’s no other method for timing included, so this is a good option for those modes.

Variants/Game Modes

Standard – In this version you flip a card and stack that piece; keep the card if you successfully stack it. The round ends when 3 or more pieces fall on the table at once on a players turn. After 3 rounds, the player with the most cards wins! This is a great way to teach the game and compete without being too stressful (i.e. no time limits).

Chill – No time limit, no scoring, no winner. Just stack fun structures as a team and see what you can create! Great for families  or when playing with a large age range of players where younger players may not be as skilled.

Countdown – This is a knockout game, so the last player left standing wins! You have 20 seconds (or more or less, you can set the time on the app) to place a piece and you’re out if you can’t place in time, or if any pieces fall on your turn. Great for groups looking to add a bit more intensity to the standard game.

Quick – This mode is also time-based and has players placing pieces as fast as they can because their time is their score and the lowest score after X rounds (default is 4 but you can extend it) wins! Again, great for players who want to add some heavier intensity and competition.


  • Different game modes is awesome for variety
  • Plays small and large player counts
  • Quick set-up, play, and clean-up
  • Can teach to anyone easily
  • Fun pieces and I love the unique names they have on the cards


  • App doesn’t make a lot of sound, so it’s not my favorite
  • It’s not as good with lower (2-4) player counts. Still works, but prefer most modes with more, except for maybe Countdown wince there’s player elimination.

Final Thoughts

This game takes a simple mechanic like stacking pieces and gives it a little more life than others before. It takes simple pieces and provides and interesting game that changes plenty based on the selected game mode. I really like the mention of being able to “interlock, place, balance, and/or hook pieces” because it really solidifies an “anything goes” gameplay – there’s no wrong way to stack! Highly recommend to families, groups, and any fans of stacking games!

My Ratings:
Overall Game – 7/10
Aesthetics – 7/10
Replayability – 8/10
Difficulty – 2/10

Additional Information:
Designer – Joe Beverio,
Artists – Joe Beverio, Greg N.
Publishers – Funsparks LLC

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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