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If you’re a gamer who is looking for the perfect coffee table book, or game room accessory, or maybe just have a nostalgic place in your heart for those old school I Spy books, then you will definitely want to check out The Tabletop Find-It Book! Today I’ll be taking an early glance at a sample of the full book, on Kickstarter. Take this as your *spoiler warning* as I will be sharing some photos of the sample pages, and may be highlighting a few of the hidden components. Well, let’s take a closer look!

What Is It?

Can you find a clock?

A “Find-It” book of board game collage images featuring tons of components from a wide range of board games from various publishers. Some images are more generic, while others focus on a singular theme, such as dinosaurs or pirates. The book’s style is very reminiscent of the I Spy series that has been popular since the early 90’s. Each page, of course, has a list of specific components to look for, so players can work their way through those, but you’ll also have fun finding many more!

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 8+ – The final version of the book will show players difficulty ratings on each picture so you can decide how challenging of an experience you’d like!
  • 1 to 3 Players – You could play with as many as you like, but since it’s in a book, it’s a great solo activity, or nice with a friend or two. A big group may just make things too crowded.
  • Fans of “Look and Find”/”I Spy” images and games
  • Fans of unique art made from board game components
  • Gamers looking for the perfect coffee table book


  • Really unique collages; it’s so cool to see so many components from different games that fit together in thematic images
  • Great for a wide range of ages/players
  • Nice display piece for the table or shelf
  • Fun as a solo activity or with a small group trying to find things together
  • Makes for a unique gift for your favorite gamer!


  • Keep in mind, I do have a prototype version of the book, so this could change in the final product. The only issue I ran into was that some components were hidden against similar/the same colored backgrounds, so they were very difficult to find, and when I did find them, it was a little frustrating because it was hard more due to the coloring than the object being tricky to find. But, this was pretty rare overall, so it’s a minor issue among an otherwise really great book

Final Thoughts

Filed under “things I didn’t know I definitely needed” is this book. It seems like something that should have always existed and somehow just didn’t, so I’m glad that this is coming out! I had so much fun flipping through these very well-done images looking for everything in the list. I also had fun just looking through the components and seeing how many games I could name that were featured in each picture! This is really neat, and I can not wait to see the finished, high quality product. I think this will be something that is easily loved by lots of gamers. Make sure you check it out!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 8/10

Creator / Photographer – Kevin Grote
Publisher – Old Man Games
Website – Sign up for their email list to be notified of the launch, and receive 3 exclusive image downloads!
Kickstarter – Going Live 2/8/22

*I was provided a prototype copy of this book to do this preview*

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