Welcome, Adventurers one and all, to Dragonrealm! I hope you brought along a lucky charm or two because you may very well need it in the Dragon’s Lair.

Enter a den of wolves, the Sorceress’s Castle, or the Troll Tavern, if you dare, but look alive, warriors! Goblins dwell almost everywhere in Dragonrealm, hoping to keep you far from the treasures you seek.

Are you the champion we’ve been waiting for, or just another mediocre meddler? Time to put your skills to the ultimate test!

What Is It?

A family-friendly adventure game for 2-4 where players collect sets of cards (same color, same number, or numbers in a row) which let them attempt to enter certain locations through dice rolls. If an adventurer’s skills aren’t up to snuff (i.e. they roll too low) they player’s piece is instead sent to the Adventurer’s Location to brush up on their knowledge.

All along the way, players collect coins and Dragonstones as they prove their worth, which help them come out the ultimate victor!

Who Is It For?

The game says 10+ and I would say that’s probably accurate, maybe even good for some younger kids depending on who they’re playing with and how much they’ve been exposed to gaming.

I’d recommend it to families or any game groups looking for quicker or lighter type games or a good filler. It’s definitely a nice intro game for kids or new gamers. It’s also great for anyone who likes a good adventure! If you like to just throw some dice and not worry too much about heavy strategy, this one’s for you.

Contents and Quality

Everything is overall really nice in this game. The box and insert are nice, and everything fits inside the insert nicely. If you wanted to sleeve everything it might not fit well in there, but without the insert you’d have plenty of room in the box.

The cards are nice quality with a linen finish, and the art is really aesthetically appealing and fits well with the theme. The dice are marbled clear to read. The meeples are super unique and absolutely adorable; there are both goblins and little adventurers with shields! Finally, the rules are well written and detailed with a lot of great examples for play and many possible situations.


  • Easy to learn, teach, and play
  • Great for a wide range of players, kids to adults
  • Variety because there are a lot of locations and only a few get used each game, plus the adventurer location has 2 different options
  • Plays quickly
  • Wonderful quality components


  • Some of the locations have restrictions, but they don’t really stand out on the cards so we’ve definitely overlooked them sometimes
  • Since it is a luck-driven game, some players could get stuck rolling poorly and spending more turns to accomplish something. This is slightly mitigated by the enhancement cards, especially if you play with the adventurer location that lets you get more, but it can still get frustrating if you get unlucky


This one is a 1/5 for difficulty. While you make small decisions like which cards to take, what location to visit, and what skill to use, it’s really just about getting sets, which is self explanatory and comes down to the luck of the deck, and rolling dice which is, again, luck. I think that you could teach this to anyone and it would go very smoothly right away.

Final Thoughts

At first, I didn’t think much of this game, I kind of dubbed it a simple dice chucker that was maybe even a bit too light for me. BUT, I stand corrected! After a few more plays it grew on me quite a bit and I really like it! It’s cute and it’s a good filler or end of the night game, or just great for families and gamers who prefer to play on the lighter side. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance and enjoy a nice, simple adventure!

Happy Gaming~

My Final Rating: 7/10

Additional Information:
Designer – Darren Kisgen
Artist – Chris Beatrice
Publisher – Gamewright

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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