Hey there, Gamers! I know we all love good games, but what can make a good game enough better? If it’s gorgeous of course! There’s nothing like appealing player pieces, boards, and even rule books to make a good game all the more perfect.

These are a few of the prettiest games in my collection. Feel free to comment and let me know what other beautiful games are out there, so I know what to pick up next!


Definitely #1 on my list. The dice are beautiful, and when that’s the main component in the game, that’s a must! It fits beautifully together with the theme of stained glass windows, which makes it all the better as well. The boards have intricate art, and the box matches as well. Even the backs of cards were designed with care for beauty in mind. It’s a beautiful game that I keep going back to not only because I love playing, but because I love looking at it!


My picture does NOT do this game justice. Everything about this game screams beautiful. From the dark, but enticing, box covers to the gorgeous Lord cards, and of course every other component, pearls and cards alike, in between – this game is nothing short of aesthetic appeal. I want to get it to the table just to stare at it.

Mystic Vale

The artwork is gorgeous in itself, that can’t be denied. But there’s just something about the art being on those clear cards that makes it even better. On top of that, the way that everything fits together so well is something I would definitely consider beautiful! The Vale Cards are equally mesmerizing, and when you lay it all out, it’s truly a sight of beauty! Can’t say enough good stuff about this.


Adorable pandas, interlocking bamboo trees, even a fun little farmer mini too – what’s not to love? The game box and pieces are cute to say the least, and upgrades are available (translucent water pieces, bags to hold the bamboo pieces, et cetera) which make it even nicer. The colors are bright and fun, and when the board has spread out a bit, it really is something to behold. Love it every time!


Super simple pieces doesn’t detract from the beauty of this one at all! It starts out slow, as you might expect, but once those buildings are built up higher, the city created is really beautiful. The additional bonus of fun and colorful box art and similar on the God cards just adds so much more to love to this pretty, abstract game.