Upon finally finishing up painting all my Marvel United minis, I was also able to finish playing through all my unplayed characters, and finish rating them all! Originally, I was planning on doing this massive list, rating every hero and villain … but then I decided that would be too long of a post. So, instead, I’m just showing off my top 5 heroes / 5 least favorite heroes, and my top 3 villains / 3 least favorite villains. (There’s less villains, so I just made those lists shorter). Each list in no particular order because the rankings are very close. This is just for the season 1 characters, I’ll do a separate post for X-Men in the near future.

Top 5 Heroes

  • Doctor Strange – I love his abilities, especially being able to see the top card of the master plan deck. He’s a well-rounded character, so I’m a big fan!
  • Shuri – I love being able to not only give other players wild tokens but also heal them. Overall, I thought she had particularly handy abilities, so I really liked that.
  • Ant-Man – I had the core box so much longer than anything else, so I played it a bunch, and Ant-Man was always my go-to! I think he’s decently strong in general, but getting the swapping card at the right moment to replay your double wild is so satisfying!
  • She-Hulk – Her transformation cards are awesome, because they only make you stronger throughout the game. Plus, her other cards are also really good.
  • Adam Warlock – What can I say? The immortality card is just really cool. He has 2 double-wilds, some really strong abilities, and just seems like a good choice against any villains.

5 Least Favorite Heroes

  • Spider-Ham – I felt like he had so many single symbol cards, and he felt really under-powered, so I didn’t enjoy playing as him.
  • Vision – He was a bit boring to me. I thought his abilities were just a bit too specific to come in handy often enough.
  • Falcon – High mobility (obviously) but his abilities just seemed so weak, especially for not giving the next player much.
  • Scarlet Witch – This makes me so sad, because she is by far my favorite Marvel character. She’s just such a strong character in general, but in this game, it’s just disappointing that she has 2 cards that don’t give the next player any symbols, and 1 of her abilities could end up being useless if you don’t end up taking any damage on the next villain turn.
  • Gamora – She’s decently strong, but her abilities are just super specific that if you don’t have a way to generate the tokens she needs somehow, you can’t even use the abilities, which is frustrating.

Top 3 Villains

  • Dormammu – He is tough, but I enjoyed this unique approach, playing a more “outlast” game, rather than trying to take the villain out sooner rather than later.
  • Mysterio – Cards starting facedown is cool and unique, as is flipping the thugs/civilians. I thought it presented a very different challenge for players, and kept you on your toes with the threats.
  • Green Goblin – It was so weird not having the threat cards out from the get-go, but again, it made for a unique experience. You have to manage the threats because you can’t let the board fill up, but since you always reshuffle them, it can be hard if you’re faced with the same threat multiple times!

3 Least Favorite Villains

  • Hela – Fenris is one of the most obnoxious cards there is, and Hela was too difficult because of it to be enjoyable to play against.
  • Sandman – Healing is always pretty obnoxious, but it this one in particular – he just seems to be able to heal too much too quickly.
  • Kang – The “in and out of play” thing seemed like it could be cool, but it was mediocre at best, and proved annoying as you could get screwed quickly just by the shuffle.