Bawk, squak, ba-bawk? Achem… Pardon me, friend. Sometimes, I speak so swiftly that my accent comes out! Anyway, I have some bad news. While the other chicken scientists and I were experimenting with time travel we sort of, maybe, accidentally of course, opened a time vortex that is slowly sucking everything into it… haha, oops.

It seems that we only have one available escape pod to make it out alive, and it will only fit one of us sooo… I guess it’s a race to the finish! May the best chicken scientist win! Which, of course is me.

What Is It?

A quick and light card game for 3 to 6 chickens where players compete to stay alive and find the escape pod so that they can make their way to safety.

It’s in the familiar style of play a card, draw a card, but has some interesting twists along the way be it through stealing cards, freezing players, or actually going back in time across the timeline set out in front of you.

Who Is It For?

The box says ages 14+, but I thought it was pretty simple and light, so I think ages 10, or maybe even 8+ could easily learn and play it.

I think anyone who loves chickens or time travel would instantly get a kick out of it too! One of my friends has a bunch of chickens at home, and really enjoyed this – he even said he’d probably be able to get his whole family to play since they’re all chicken friendly!

If you’re someone in need of a solid filler that’s better than your typical Uno, this is it!

Contents and Quality

Cards – There are 76 cards, all nice quality. The art is simple but fun. I like that they have different colored backs for character cards, time line, and playing cards too.

Rules – The rule book is laid our nicely, has good examples, and is easy to follow!

Box – Nice quality box, small and easily portable. Though, I do find it weird that the back is printed the opposite direction than the lid so I have to turn it to read the text. But it’s not a huge deal.


  • Cute
  • Light and simple
  • The “going back in time” element is fun and unique; gives you a little room for strategy because you can hang on to the cards that let you do it, to avoid death, or play them to stop someone from escaping!
  • Small and portable
  • Though there is technically player elimination, you can come back to life which is great
  • Can teach to practically anyone


  • There is player elimination, so you could get out early and not get back in, but it’s pretty unlikely because there are a bunch of Clux Capacitors to help you avoid death or return
  • It’s pretty light, so it may not appeal to heavier gamers if that is mostly who you play with


I would give this just a 1 out of 5 for difficulty. I really think you could teach to anyone from kids to non-gamers to consistent gamers with ease. There’s not so much strategy apart from maybe playing a Clux Capacitor at a particular moment, so it’s easy to pick up.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, I thought this was a cute little game that was pretty neat to play and I was able to introduce to a bunch of different groups of people and levels of gamers. My only disappointment with it, personally, was the 3-player minimum, since I play the majority of my games at only 2. But I really recommend it to any group that likes light games, needs a good filler, or just really likes time traveling chickens!

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer – Jesse Harding
Artist – Jesse Harding
Publisher – Self-Published

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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