How many Disney animal sidekicks can you name? Hmm… Okay, how about songs from Mulan? Wow, not bad.
Alright then, how about how many live action films released before 1960 can you name? Have I stumped you yet?

Disney lovers, rejoice! Geek Out! Disney is here to help you put your incredible Disney knowledge to the ultimate test so you can “out-geek” all your friends and family!

Don’t get too confident too soon, some of these are toughies! It’s time to prove once and for all who is the master of all things and tidbits Disney. Ready … Set … Geek Out!

What Is It?

A trivia-esque game for Disney lovers of all ages. Like other Geek Out games, instead of having standard trivia cards with a question and an answer, the game provides players with categories and a minimum number of things they have to name within that category. Players take turns bidding up how many they can name within a topic, and only score a point if they can then complete the challenge!

Players will lose a point if they bid too high and can’t actually name as many things as they thought. Do that too many times, and you’ll be out of the game completely. But complete your challenges and you’ll arise victorious!

Who Is It For?

It probably goes without saying that I recommend this to Disney lovers, of course. Some of the topics can get very specific, or otherwise tricky, so if you can’t recall random details from a wide range of Disney movies, shows, and such, then this might not be for you.

I would also say that when choosing a group to play with, players should be on even footing when it comes to Disney knowledge, or play in even teams. That said, I do recommend it in teams if you have enough people because it’s fun to see how many answers you can rack up together!

The game also says 10+ and I’d say that’s generally fine, especially if they love Disney. Again, some things might be out of their wheelhouse if the topic is older films, for instance, but it would be fine for, perhaps, a family to play in teams.

Contents + Quality

Cards – Average quality; symbols for categories are clear

Die – Average plastic die. Colored sides and the colors are clear. It would have been nice to have the category symbols from the rules imprinted on the different colored sides to help colorblind players.

Cardboard Tokens – Average quality. Fun mix of characters to choose from. I like the one side colored, one side gray to easily signify passing while bidding. But again, to help colorblind players, the gray side could have had an “X” on it instead.

Box/Insert – The box is definitely a bit big for what’s in it. Even if the board stayed this size, the box could have been thinner if the insert wasn’t so big, since it’s definitely bigger than it needs to be. Everything fits in the box, of course, with plenty of room to spare.

Rules – Clear on the goals of the game, and has some helpful definitions for keywords. In  general, they are just “loosey-goosey” because of the casual nature of the game. (A little more on this later)


  • It’s a nice level of challenge even for Disney fanatics, while other themed trivia games are not so much
  • With everything that Disney consists of now (Marvel, Star Wars, classic animation, and more) it gives players so many options and plays to different knowledge strengths
  • Funny/silly to watch everyone rack their brains on some questions


  • Player elimination is possible, which is never fun, but luckily it seems pretty unlikely unless someone is just bidding ridiculously for no reason
  • Like other Geek Out! games, the rules are vague as the game is more about seeing how many answers you can come up with than anything else. While that can be fine most of the time, I do wish there was a quick or easy way to check some answers. Since some are very specific, it’s hard to find, for example, “does this movie have an umbrella in it?”It’s not to say people are going to cheat on purpose, but it’s easy to do so by accident. So it might be worth setting up some guidelines for your game before starting, as the rulebook suggests

Final Thoughts

As a Disney fan, I thought this game was fun! It has more unique questions than your typical trivia/Scene It game, and the bidding is more interesting than just taking turns and maybe getting unlucky and never knowing the questions you got randomly stuck with.

It’s definitely more fun with more players, either because you’re playing teams or you have more people to bid against!

I do wish it came with even just a small reference to a few examples for some of the questions, but if you take the time at the beginning to agree on when and how to look some answers up, it shouldn’t interrupt gameplay much, if at all.

All in all, a great game for gamers, families, and party groups who like everything from Disney live action to Princess films, to Marvel, Star Wars, and beyond. Try it out!

My Final Ratings:
Overall Game – 7/10
Aesthetics – 4/10 (not much to it really)
Difficulty – 5/10 (varies question to question, and depending on your knowledge!)
Replayability – 5/10

Additional Information:
Designers – Sean Fletcher, Dan Rowen, Elisa Teague
Artist – Jessica R. Eyler
Publishers – Playroom Entertainment, Ultra PRO, USAopoly
MSRP – $19.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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