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Get ready to craft your perfect team of characters for this quick-play dueling game. Defeat your opponent’s team in minutes with the right combos, timing, and heavy hits. Which characters and abilities will best lead you to victory? Time to find out!

What Is It & Who Is It For?

A quick (3-minute) dueling card game for 2 players. Each player has a team of 3 characters (or just one, if you want an even quicker game). Each turn players play a card face down, to attack, defend, or rest (gather their used cards back into their hands). Players have a chance to counter their opponent’s moves (rendering it ineffective), and even defeat them in one fell swoop. The 1st player to defeat all of their opponent’s characters wins! It’s pretty simple, so I’d recommend it to ages 8+ and those who like very quick games with few rules and components.

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  • Small and portable; Doesn’t need much space to play either
  • Plays quickly
  • Really nice art
  • Straightforward rules
  • Can mix and match characters; game variability


  • Can end abruptly with the execute action, which can be disappointing
  • Benefits from being played a lot (i.e. a new player will be at a disadvantage against a player who has played frequently and tried various combinations)

Final Thoughts

For me, the game was just okay; I didn’t love or hate it. I’m never a big fan of games that have that element of you can lose because of 1 card play (you execute your opponent if you play “weapon” when your opponent plays “rest”). There is some strategy in not waiting too long to rest, and keeping a mental note of what your opponent has left in hand, but it’s just something I’ve never really enjoyed because you can be doing well and then the game can just end and you lose, which just feels anticlimactic. But on the other hand, it’s cool that it’s so quick, so if you have a bad game you can just reorder your team, or swap out some characters and try again. If you like games like Exceed or BattleCON, I think you’ll enjoy this. It felt similar in style (of having characters and ability cards) and with how you need to time things just right to get a leg up.

Additional Information:
Designer – Brian McKay
Artist – Various Artists
Producer – Chris Solis
Publisher – Solis Game Studio

*I was provided a media kit (game sample) to do this preview*

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