Giving the gift of games this holiday season? Sick! … Don’t get sick. It just is sick. Clearly I am down with the lingo of the times…

Anyway! It’s always fun to try and get more people into board games with a starter game, or get the gamer in your life some nice accessories for their current favorites. Whether it’s for a Secret Santa, a stocking stuffer, a gift for bae, or something else entirely, here are some awesome gift ideas for gamers all under $25! Even fancier, I’ve linked to BGG pages in the titles, and sites for purchase in the descriptions. You are so welcome.    Let’s GOOOO!


A great game for parties and groups, this one is easy and quick to learn and gets everyone involved! This also has other varieties (like Marvel, pictures, Harry Potter, and more) so there’s something for everyone! Get it on Amazon or Target!
Mechanics: Memory, partnerships, and press your luck; Plays 2-8.

Dice Sets

For the Dungeon Master in your life, or just someone who would rather have sparkly orange dice rather than plain ol’ white ones in their favorite game. You can buy sets of D6s, 7-piece sets, there’s different sizes, and so many different styles. And there’s only one rule to remember: Gamers can never have enough dice. Prices vary, but there are plenty of sets you can get for well under $25, so you can even get a few, or maybe even throw in a dice bag!
Some sites to get them: Dice Game Depot, Die Hard Dice, DnD Dice

Unlock! – Escape Room Games

If you’re looking for a game gift for the Escape Room enthusiast in your life, the Unlock! Series is the way to go. They put you and your team into an escape room type situation and you have to find the hidden clues in your cards to discover codes and, well, escape! Get individual ones on Amazon for around $10 to $15! One note – you will need to download a free app to play as well.
Mechanics: Cooperative play, puzzle, storytelling, real-time, exploration; Plays 1-4 (player count sometimes varies game to game)

Upgraded Pieces

To a lot of gamers (i.e. MEEEEE) there’s nothing better than getting upgraded pieces for a favorite game. Away with the simple cubes! Bring in the little wooden pieces shaped like logs and hay bales! It brings so much more life into a game and really submerges you more into the theme/world. So if you know someone’s favorite game, this is a great go-to that they are bound to love!
Prices vary depending on pieces and counts, but there are a ton of options under that $25 mark.
Get some on: Meeple Source, Top Shelf Gamer

Deep Sea Adventure

A really fun and light game that’s easy to bring everywhere because it’s so small! You have to try your best to get rich, but also be careful because, drowning is bad, mkay? It plays over 3 rounds, and is great for players who like a solid nautical theme and a really aesthetically appealing game. Highly recommend to gamers of all kinds.
Get it on Amazon  or keep an eye on prices on BoardGamePrices.
Mechanics: Pick-up and deliver, push your luck, roll and move, exploration; Plays 2-6.


There’s possibly nothing worse than playing card games and not being able to pick the cards up off the table. Nobody wants bent cards. NOBODY. So help a gamer out and get them a playmat! They make picking things up a lot easier and they’re a nice decorative background to any game. You can get standard sized ones for around $20 and they’re usually big enough to put in front of one person. If you’re feeling extra generous you can get custom ones made with different images, and sized to fit most tables.
Get them on Inked Gaming or Ultra Pro

Catch the Fox

It may look like a kids game, and okay it may also be a kid’s game, but hear me out. It’s fast paced, silly, and a great time whether you’re playing as a family, having a cheesy game night, or even enjoying a few adult beverages before playing. If you know a gamer who likes to indulge in their silly side from time to time, this one is a great choice.
Get it on Amazon or at Target
Mechanics: Dexterity; Plays 2-4

Bit Trays

Similar to how upgraded pieces can add a lot to a game, bit trays can add a lot to table presence. They come in all different colors and are a really convenient way to put out resources, money, and other pieces during game play. Other types of bit trays/containers are also great for storing the game to make set up and tear down time significantly lower. A lot of options for not a lot of dough here! Prices on the sites below range from $4 to $15 each, and I’d recommend finding out the favorite few games of a player to see how many might suit them best.
Get them on: Amazon (storage ones), Amazon (for the table), BoardGameGeek

Artifacts, Inc.

If the gamer you’re buying for likes rolling dice, collecting cards, and finding different paths to victory, then this might be for them! It’s a small box game that packs a big punch because it has a lot going on but it all fits together really well. There’s a lot of choices every turn that are available to you, whether it’s buying something new, upgrading something you have, et cetera, but it never feels overwhelming or overly difficult, so it’s a great time.
Get it on Amazon or at Target or on Cardhaus
Action points allowance system, dice rolling, area control, card drafting, set collection; Plays 2-4

Dice Tower

If the gamer you know doesn’t like chucking dice (for some crazy reason) or maybe is a little too aggressive and everyone is sick of picking dice up off the floor (hey, it happens) then a Dice Tower may be a good choice for them! Keeps the dice contained and looks cool on the table! There are many more options just slightly over the $25 mark, but you can still find a few for at/under that price so shop around and check out deals for free shipping or other discounts to find a cool one at a good price.
Get them on: Amazon (Broken Token Tower), Broken Token (same as Amazon, but in case you want to buy directly from them), Amazon (Mini), Etsy, or Ebay.
Whatever you choose to buy this holiday season, it’s the thought that counts, and I’m sure the gamer in your life will appreciate whatever you end up getting! No matter what, happy gaming all holiday long!~

Additional Information:
-All suggestions reflect my ideas/opinions on what makes a good gift for a gamer. If they hate it, please don’t yell at me… I’m sensitive.
-Prices vary all the time, and I apologize in advance if they go up before you get a chance to check them out.