Ready to kick down the door to another adventure? Well, hold on a second! This time around, you need to wait for your opponents to play monsters for you to fight. Can you combo the right cards to crush your opponent into the dust? Let’s check it out!

What Is It?

A 2-player collectible card game (CCG) with fun art, silly powers, and plenty of variety! Featuring a multitude of classes to play as and a ton of booster packs to buy up and attempt to create the most powerful deck around!

Who Is It For?

I think this would be good for anyone who likes the theme of traditional Munchkin games, but would like a more streamlined game. Instead if kicking down the door, your opponent creates encounters for you, and you want to cause damage instead of preventing others from gaining levels, which overall is a much better/easier concept, in my opinion. I would say that ages 12+ would be best for this game because it has a lot of moving pieces (including a bluffing mechanic) that may be harder for younger kids to grasp. Those who are familiar with CCGs would also be a great audience for this.

Quality of Components

  • The cards are an average quality, nothing special but nothing too flimsy. The art is very nice, and also colorful which makes it even better!
  • The level counters are good quality cardboard and spin very well – not too loose and not too sticky, which I really appreciate.
  • The tokens (used for coins, damage, et cetera) are a slightly thinner cardboard, and kind of bland looking, but you aren’t doing anything very intense with them, so I don’t really mind that.
  • Finally, the starter boxes are not the best. They’re thin and once you unwrap the cards it’s harder to put everything back in without bagging them, plus once you open more boosters the boxes become too small anyway. But, it is pretty easy to find other storage solutions for this, so it’s not too bad.


  • Cute art as well as bright and colorful! I particularly like that because it makes me feel like I could convince anyone to play which is great for introducing people to new games like a CCG
  • Tons of variety in cards between starters and boosters. Cards also have different rarities, as is expected with a CCG, so that’s always fun to see what rare cards you can get!
  • Connected to that, replayability is super high since you can create a new deck for every play!
  • There is a very handy website with additional details which is great for many reasons (see cons below) as it explains the different card powers, details certain rules, and has lists of all available cards and their rarities too.
  • 2-player is always a pro for me because I play 98% of my games only with my fiance, so it’s nice when we can find more great 2-only games.
  • Pretty quick which is nice because it’s a good filler or you can play multiple times!


  • Rules are large boxes of text for the most part, could use a few more pictures/picture examples in my opinion to balance it out
  • Like most CCGs, some cards are worded more clearly than others which can cause confusing while playing/fighting/et cetera. You really have to become familiar with terms for it to click each time you read a new card.
  • Lots of moving parts particularly with turn sequence. It definitely takes some getting used to as there are a fair amount of steps. But it’s not bad after a few rounds.
  • Some combos seem unbalanced, but it could all be coming down to luck of the draw, it would take a lot of plays to know for sure.


The game is definitely difficult at first, but you start to pick it up after a few plays, so I would put it right in the middle. The bluffing/cheating mechanic is something different as well to me for this type of game. It is definitely a large part (for some classes more than others) and takes a bit of a learning curve to know when it’s best to cheat and have it work to your advantage.  The difficulty also varies based on which class you use and how knowledgeable you are on the different cards.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes CCGs! Like I mentioned earlier, it as that minor Munchkin feel with a much better gameplay. I’ll say that after a few plays we felt like direct damage was really your best bet at winning, but it, again, could all come down to card draws and which classes are pitted against one another. I think that it feels like a good starter CCG or those who haven’t had much exposure to them before. Now the only thing to worry about is whether or not you’ll get obsessed with collecting booster packs!

Happy Gaming!~

Additional Information:
Designers – Eric M. Lang, Kevin Wilson
Publisher – Steve Jackson Games

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review. *

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