Ahh, another board game day is coming up, and I bet you can’t wait! A day to sit down, relax, and not think about going anywhere…until… someone pulls out the newest tile-laying game Going Further! Now you have to plan your moves and see just how far you can get your road to go!

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about this cool game! I was lucky enough to be sent a prototype copy of the game and got to try it out and see how it played. And I have to say, I’m a fan! It’s not a game that’s typical of my interest, but it has a lot of good mechanics and becomes a very puzzle-driven game, which is always a good time in my opinion.

So, like I said, it’s a tile laying game, so pretty simple in concept. You start out with some tiles in the center of the table and take them one by one to form your road. I won’t bog you down with in-depth rules. You can read those yourself. But basically it’s a pretty laid back game to start off and it gets more intense as you try to solve the puzzle to the best of your ability; you want to create the longest road possible with the tiles available (while following the picking and laying rules) and not get yourself stuck with nothing to do or a road that can’t continue.

It seems like it was first designed to be a solo game, which is cool. I played it a few times on my own, and definitely enjoyed it. I’m not big on solo-play for anything in general because I like to interact with others – don’t do so great on my own – but it wasn’t bad at all if I wanted a quick game and didn’t have anyone to play with.

I then got the chance to play with my fiance a few times, and 2-player changes things up a fair amount! Now you not only have to try and plan the best moves/route, but you also have to compete for some tiles as they become available to another player. With 3 and 4 players it increase that competition, and I definitely think that further improves game play. The more people trying for certain tiles, the more thought and planning that needs to go into every move, which makes for a really fun and intricate puzzle game no matter how many people are playing.

Overall I would definitely recommend Going Further to others. If you like light solo games, you have to check it out because it will most likely be for you! If that’s not your jam, it still plays great with 2-4. Check it out today, and happy gaming, gamers!~

*I was provided a prototype copy of this game to do this preview*
*All components shown are subject to change*

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