Hey Gamers! Sorry I haven’t been up to snuff and haven’t posted about another game as of late, but I’ve got  some news today! (*and the crowd goes wild!*)

I recently stumbled upon something in the Twitter-verse, thanks to some cool peeps I follow from the Flip the Table Podcast, (sorry if you missed out on this gem, but you should listen to all their episodes now, cause they rock) called GenCan’t 2017. Now, if you’re unfamiliar, like I was, this is basically an “unconventional convention,” as they call it in which if you’re not going to GenCon (the biggest board game con ever) then you can just play games at home all weekend with friends and fam and take pics and tweet and so on, AND potentially even win prizes from them!

Honestly, I think this is hella cool because:
1. Cons are expensive and this is not,
2. I was disappointed in not being able to attend GenCon and now am less disappointed, and
3. It’s a great way to bring the gaming community together via the good ‘ol interwebs, and a sense of community is always fun. They have downloadable badges, some virtual gaming to participate in, and just a general air of fun and friendly existence. (Yupp, that’s the phrasing I’m sticking with.)

I’m going to post links to their pages below and hope to see tons of people tweeting and posting photos of their gaming adventures all weekend. I also plan to take some photos and tweet, and then might compile my GenCan’t experience photos here too!

Enjoy this weekend, and happy gaming, readers!

GenCan’t 2017 links: