That title’s no joke.  Fluxx is a simple, cute game that comes in dozens of different themes to appeal to everyone, BUT it can literally last a quick 5 minutes, or has the potential to go on for a few hours.  Oh, that still sounds interesting to you? Well then… let’s continue!!

Fluxx starts out with some ridiculously simple rules. Draw a card, play a card – that’s all! If you can’t handle that… I think we might have to go back to CandyLand for a bit… or maybe even that’s too difficult. Anyway, I digress. 

As you play cards, they can change the base rules, causing you to draw or play more cards per turn, or add completely new rules, like forcing players to say “OH YEAH!” before they can play a card. Fun!

I know what you’re thinking. “Wow, that sounds like a lot!” Well, it kind of is for such a small game that’s only comprised of cards. That’s what makes it so interesting. For instance, the goal could be the one that requires Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost (in the Regular Show Edition) and I could have a Muscle Man in front of me, only needing one card to win! But… someone else who notices that can very easily play a new goal that requires something that no one has seen in the deck yet, thus prolonging the game until we find those cards.

Basically, it’s a quick game if you get lucky with your card draws, but it will be much longer depending on when people play their certain goals and rules… and depending what those rules are making you do (sometimes you have to draw 5 cards AND play them all each turn! Talk about hard decisions thinking about what order to play them in).  But, if you like games that can get a little hectic, you’ll love Fluxx – it’s a lot of fun! And another nice thing is that all the cards have the same back, no matter what version they come from. So you can combine Regular Show, Batman, and Pirates if you want! Or make any other combination. And you can throw any promo cards that you might acquire right into your decks too (I know I have). Fluxx  is a game that’s able to ever-expand, and can be a lot of fun… even if you’re still playing 2 weeks after you started! Enjoy!

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