Hey game players and fans!
So, if you did not know, this past weekend there were a bunch of events going on for Extra Life – an awesome charity that raises money for sick kids through 24-hour gaming!

My boyfriend and I ended up going to The Portal game store for some gaming and ended up having such an amazing time! We participated in a game auction, played a board game themed “Who wants to be a Millionaire,” met some cool people, played some new games, and even won some raffle items and promo cards/materials! And the best part was, we were also able to donate money to a fantastic cause while getting some cool stuff and having a ton of fun. I’m truly grateful that this hobby has events like this one that allow gamers to give back to the community while doing what they love. 

I don’t have much more to say about it, I just wanted to share some links to a great charity, and an awesome game store (at least for you gamers in/near CT), and share some pics of our sweet haul!! Hopefully you all get to experience a gaming event like this one soon!!
Happy gaming~