Okay, no, that’s not the actual name of any game (though that would be kinda coo, huh?). The title of the game I want to talk about today is, Escape: The Curse of the Temple, and it is awesome.

I call it the thrill of a lifetime because, well, it is. It’s a real-time game that only takes 10 minutes and with the only actions being to roll dice as fast as f***ing possible and move your piece through the depths of the temple searching for an escape, it gets pretty intense. (I got a little adrenaline boost just thinking about it). It’s one of my favorite games, and it has helped me get a lot of my friends into board games as well.  It’s fairly light, easy to teach and play, and generally gets people excited about playing games. Overall, I really recommend it.

Did you think that was it? Nah, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that, friends! Here’s a little bit more about the game and why I think it’s great for almost any group.

Like I said, the game only takes 10 minutes (plus teach time if you have new players, but it’s not a difficult game to grasp). It literally can take no more because it comes with a nifty soundtrack that tells you to stop, regardless if you were done or not. It makes for a really intense setting where players are all trying to spread out, but also stay together, but also help each other if someone is stuck, but also help themselves if they are stuck … It definitely seems like a lot to handle in only ten minutes, but I promise, it’s a positive rush worth trying out.

Like I mentioned, the game primarily consists of rolling dice. So if you don’t like that, this isn’t the one for you. You need to roll certain pairs/sets to move and to collect gems from your reserve in order to make the actual escaping phase of the game a heck of a lot easier. Sure, rolling at the speed of light can sometimes make keeping track of what things you need and what things you have to re-roll difficult, but that’s at least three quarters of the fun!!!

I could say more, but I honestly believe that this game is best explained through experience, so I guess you’ll just have to grab a copy (or make a friend who has one) and try it! If you like a good rush with your game, I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Happy gaming! 🙂

*This is not a paid/compensated promotion*

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