Warning: This game does not come with actual, real-life dragons … bummer.

So, you think it’s an easy job breeding dragons? Okay, let’s see you do it, then! You only have a few Dragon Seekers at your disposal, so make good use of them all to gather the dragons you need, and maybe some dragon eggs as well, to get more gold than your opponents. Ready to begin? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is It?

This is a set collection game with some interesting mechanics for gathering your cards. There’s a bit of dice rolling mixed in along with variable action phases (since only 1 of the actions is mandatory), all of which work really well together to make a pretty cool game. While there’s a little luck involved with which cards come out, there’s also strategizing over which actions to take when so that the game doesn’t end before you have enough dragon pets in your collection.

Who Is It For?

This one seems pretty versatile, which makes it a great game for a wide range of gamers. It’s super approachable, thanks to both the cute design and its easy to learn, teach, and play, so it is a great into game for non-gamers too.

The game itself says 8+ for age, and I would agree with that. It would definitely appeal to kids, and since it is so approachable it would be fun for families as well. It’s a great light game if you’re into the lighter side, but it’s not so light that it feels boring.

Quality of Components

Overall, pretty nice components here. The cards, meeples, wooden discs, and cardboard coins are all your average quality, pretty standard. The dice are wooden, which isn’t my favorite, but you don’t have to roll them every turn, so it’s not bad. The art is so pretty, it’s definitely my favorite part of this game!


  • Cute
  • Fun theme
  • Plays quickly
  • Versatile (good for different levels of gamers)
  • Simple to learn and play, but still has strategy


  • 2-player game can feel unbalanced at first, because more often than not the 1st player gets forced to pull back workers (helping the other player), but that usually shifts and fixes itself as the game goes on
  • A little “take-that” (which isn’t my favorite style) because you can knock people off of spaces, but from my plays it doesn’t happen too often


I would probably give this only a 2 or 2.5 out of 5 for difficulty. It’s easy and quick to learn and it’s pretty straightforward, so it’s easy to play. It’s not any lower than that because, despite ease, there still is some strategy to it with all your optional actions (like re-rolling dice), when to push people off spots, et cetera.

Final Thoughts

I really adore this game! The art is so cute and the colors are so vibrant, which just makes me want to stare at it all day. While each turn can be a little bit different (because of all those optional actions) it has a really nice flow to it. Games are also pretty quick so you can play again and again! Highly recommend this one 🙂

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer – Paolo Cecchetto, Christian Giove
Artist – Davide Corsi
Publisher – Japanime Games, Pendragon Game Studio

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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