Do you love Greek mythology? Are you a fan of quick and classic card games you can play with just about anyone? Do you also find yourself a fan of cards with unique abilities that change the game turn after turn? Then strap in, cause this one’s for you! Crazier Eights is at it again with two new decks – Olympus and Pantheon! Let’s check them out.

What Is It?

A gateway fantasy card shedding game which takes the Crazy Eights mechanic (discard a card that matches the number or suit of the one before it) but adds unique abilities to each card. Some cards are Assets, which sit in front of players and provide ongoing effects, while others are Events, which get played to the bottom of the discard to use a one-time effect. Players start with 7 cards, and the first one to run out of cards wins!

Who Is It For?

The gameplay is pretty simple, and there aren’t many rules, so I’d recommend this one to newer gamers, casual gamers, and families (ages 8+ would easily be able to enjoy this!). Fans of Greek mythology who want to see some of their favorite Gods, Goddesses, and more on the cards.

Contents + Quality

The games are just cards and rules in deck boxes. The cards are not my favorite. They are sturdy, but they stick together a little bit (probably due to the finish on them) so they’re hard to deal. However, the aesthetics are great; both the art and color schemes of the cards are really nice. The boxes are thin, and a bit tight, so they can be hard to get open at first. The rules are well written, nicely printed, and easy to follow, which is great so that it’s even easier for a wide range of gamers to learn. There are also handy reference cards for a quick refresh.


  • Small and portable
  • Short and simple; easy to teach to a wide range of players
  • Symbols on the cards to help colorblind players (you can match the color or symbol, it’s the same)
  • Variability in plays because of so many different card abilities
  • Unique art on all cards
  • Adds a lot to the original game of Crazy Eights – a little strategy, a little flexibility


  • The card quality isn’t my favorite. I’d prefer to have them sleeved, but then I can’t keep the cards in the box
  • Doesn’t change the overall mechanics of the game, so it still comes down to a lot of luck of the draw


Both for these 2 decks specifically, and to other decks

  • Olympus has cards 2 through 10, J, Q, K, and A; 8’s in each color are wild. Pantheon has cards 12 through 15 plus some unnumbered multicolored cards. So there’s some variety in what you’ll see if you play them separately, or you can combine them to expand the deck and see even more abilities in a game
  • Both of these decks, combined or separate, play the same way as the other decks – draw a card, play a card, discard a card, and carry out any card abilities that trigger along the way
  • These, of course, have a different theme than the past sets, so there’s new art on the cards, but it’s in that similar style of famous paintings and such
  • These decks don’t have the split cards that Shahrzad had

Final Thoughts

Crazier Eights is exactly what it sounds like – a classic game with a new twist to make it a little “crazier.” The same old mechanics are there, but now players can enjoy forcing opponents to draw more cards, stealing or discarding their assets, and much more. If you’re newer to gaming, enjoy light card games, and/or play with younger players often, this may be right up your alley. There are a bunch of different versions, with different art and card abilities, so check them all out, or choose your favorite theme!

My Final Ratings:
Overall Game – 6/10
Aesthetics – 6/10
Replayability – 6/10
Difficulty – 2/10

Additional Information:
Designer – James Wallace Gray
Artists – Various Artists
Publisher – Recoculous
Olympus BGG
Pantheon BGG

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*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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