Have you ever had a good idea that you just wanted others to understand? Have you ever then realized that your idea is crap, but still tried to pitch that idea to everyone? Then you’re going to be GREAT at Buy It Or Don’t! Use witty slogans and your very best sales voice to market your terrible ideas and products to investors! Ready to take a look? Let’s go!

What Is It?

Buy It or Don’t  is a quick, simple, and light party game for medium to large sized groups. Similar to Cards Against Humanity in mechanics (combining cards to come up with the funniest/best/wittiest combo), and Snake Oil in theme (pitching/marketing ideas and products), this game is silly but allows for some great levels of creativity. 

Who Is It For?

I’d recommend this one to groups, again medium or large (4+ players), those who like similar games, as I mentioned, and those who can have a lot of fun with it and be a little ridiculous. I’d also say this one is probably best suited for ages 16 to 18 and above because the theme of some cards is a little mature for younger audiences.


I was only given a mini sample packet for my preview, so I can’t speak to the final quality as my cards a smaller size than the final ones will be. However, knowing that the final version will be larger cards, and knowing that the game is comprised of only cards has me hopeful. I’m sure the cards will be a fine quality (even my sample ones are not thin/chintzy, so they’re great to play with) and last a while.


  • Silly, which is great with the right, light-hearted group
  • One up on CaH for me because you have to convince people your cards are the best and not just throw something in and hope
  • Quick and easy to learn and play
  • Great group/party game


  • For me personally, a con was the size of the pack. We didn’t feel like we had enough cards to play a full game, as we rapidly went through them and ran out of slogan cards, limiting the variety of the game. The final version will have 250 cards per game, which will help that completely.
  • Since some of the cards are longer, 13 seconds didn’t feel like enough time to some pitches, giving the players with those cards a slight disadvantage. I thought giving 15 or 20 seconds would help to improve that a lot
  • Since it’s not hidden like other games, you could easily king-make by just choosing the person you want to have the best combo, rather than choosing the actual best pitch. But then again, hopefully you don’t hang out with people who play like that, cause…dude, don’t.


This one is definitely a 1/5 difficulty. Super easy to learn (the rules fit on one mini-sized card!) and even easier to actually play. Feel free to have a few drinks and then pick this one up! (For those over the age of 21 of course!)

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought this was a cute, light party game that takes some familiar mechanics on a unique path. Since I don’t frequently play with groups (it’s usually just me and my beau), I probably won’t get it to the table much, but if you frequently have 4 or more players, and your group enjoys this type of game, it’ll be a great addition to your game nights. Have a silly time and enjoy, folks!

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer – Adam Nestor
Artist – Adam Nestor
Publisher – Binks Games

*I was provided a prototype copy of this game to do this preview*
*All components shown are subject to change*

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