Are you a sorcerer worthy of great renown? Perhaps it’s time to find out! Collect relics from the spacetime continuum and create paradoxes to collect their energy in paradox crystals. So, do you think you can handle such sought after magic? Time to put your skills to the test.

What Is It?

A fairly quick 2-player card game.  A little bit of abstract strategy with a little bit of set collection make for an easy to play but difficult to master game. And the ever-changing board strives to keep things interesting!

Who Is It For?

The game says ages 8+, but I’d say maybe a little older would be a better audience because the board itself can be hard to manage/adjust to at first, so I would recommend the game to ages 10+. I’d also say it’s a good filler game for anyone who likes a magic theme and/or light set collection.


I have a prototype version, so it’s not quite the finished product, so I have a simple print out of rules instead of a proper rulebook, and I had to use random pieces I had at home for the paradox crystals because it didn’t come with any. But as for the cards, they seemed to already be a pretty solid quality that won’t wear too quickly, and the art and colors are gorgeous; a really aesthetically appealing game!


  • Quick to play
  • Pretty simple to learn and play, depending on how you view the game
  • Has a very puzzley/strategic feel to it, which is cool
  • Really pretty art!


  • Difficult to work on the same board on opposite sides as your opponent because movement rules are opposite; takes some getting used to
  • Movement is also pretty restrictive, and since the board is constantly changing, it’s hard to plan ahead, so you can feel stuck at times


I’d probably rate this pretty middle of the road at a 3/5 difficulty. The rules are pretty simple, making gameplay it self not too difficult, but the restrictive movement and no good way to plan definitely makes it harder. It does play a little smoother overall though the more you play.

Final Thoughts

I thought this was a really neat game and I enjoyed it a lot! While the shared board was difficult to use at first, I thought it was really unique and ultimately worked really well with the theme behind the game.

We thought the biggest change that could be made to help the game was labeling the sorcerer cards with the movement rules; just a simple arrow with “numbers” or “shapes” written with it, something like that so we didn’t have to keep referencing the rules to remember which was which. Ultimately, it’s a neat little 2-player game that’s easily portable and super fun!

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer –  John Baluci
Publisher – Button Shy

*I was provided a prototype copy of this game to do this preview*
*All components shown are subject to change*

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