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If you’re like me, you don’t go too many places to play games other than your very own game room. After all, why would you when you can stay home in your PJs and play games all day!

But, for the rare times you do venture outside, you may have, also like me, wished you had a more reliable way to transport games. I’ve used reusable shopping bags, backpacks, plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, and nothing but my own two (very weak) arms on different occasions.

But now, things are a-changing! I have this rather fancy bag from boardgametables.com designed specifically for carrying board game! That means it has to be a better solution, right? How does it fare, you ask? Let’s check it out!

Ready to dive a little deeper? Let’s Go!!


  • BIG – This bag is great for cons, so you don’t have to carry things in multiple bags or make a ton of trips to drop things back at the hotel, it can fit a bunch of stuff
  • Very sturdy/high quality – there’s plenty of padding to protect the games, the zippers close up tightly (don’t just fall back), and the feet keep the bag from falling over, as well as provide an extra layer between your treasures and the dirty ground.
  • Multiple pockets – Bigger games can go in the main pocket while smaller boxes or other accessories (dice, a collapsible tray or tower, … whatever else you might need to transport around) can fit on the outside
  • Comfy – While huge, it is actually pretty comfortable to wear on your back when stuffed. Of course, that’s also going to vary depending on how much weight you want to keep on your back too.


  • BIG – I had to list it here too. While it’s a great size for plenty of instances, the size makes it so that if you’re trying trying to bring 1 or 2 things somewhere, you may not use this bag so that things don’t jostle around.
  • Straps don’t have huge adjustments, which probably isn’t a problem for most people, but worth mentioning.
  • Designed for “standard” sized boxes (think Ticket to Ride sized), so if that’s not what’s in your collection, it might not be as satisfying of a fit.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a great bag that I’m very happy to have and that will definitely see some use (looking at you PAX Unplugged!) I probably won’t be pulling it out too often for weekly game nights, unless I just can’t decide what to bring, but when I do use it, I’ll know my games are pretty safe and sound inside. I think before buying you should take a look at your collection, and see what you’re the most likely to travel with. If you’re usually bringing that “standard” box size around, this is a great choice to transport them. If you tend to opt for extremes like Gloomhaven or Skip-Bo, you might want to stick to just carrying them or using a smaller bag. The only way to know is to try for yourself, or find a friend who has one and try theirs!

Whatever you decide, happy gaming, everyone!

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*I was provided a bag to do this review*

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