Alright friends and fans, things are about to get super stoked in here, because I’m about to tell you about my current favorite board game, Dice Masters. Trust me, you’ll want to play this one for sure. It’s a game full of heroes, villains, fantasy characters, combat, magic, and, most importantly, tons of dice rolling!! (If you couldn’t tell, I really like to roll dice.) Let’s get to it. Here are 5 reasons why I love Dice Masters, and you should too.

1. Two-Player Game Worth Playing

Remember back to when we talked about the lack of 2-player games in the world? Well, this game gives me hope for the future! (And that’s about all I can hang on to with what’s going on in our political world today.) But anyways…for a two-player game with, in reality, not a lot going on, it winds up being a different experience every single time. Don’t pipe up yet, we’ll get into that. But this new take on two-player only games is definitely something I can get behind.

2. Deck Building Made Simpler, but Even More Fun

In the game, players can build a team with cards and dice. Unlike a typical deck-builder in which players will buy cards throughout the game with the in-game currency to put into their hand, players start with 1-8 cards (characters) and will spend “energy” to buy their dice which they can eventually use to fortify their army, fight their opponent, and come out the victor! It’s great to pre-pick your team and know exactly what you’ll have at your disposal throughout the game.
Alright, don’t let your head spin, I know it sounds a little confusing. Allow my fabulous pictures below to demonstrate a bit.

3. Crossover Galore!

Dice Masters has a bunch of different sets, and more to come, ranging from Marvel and DC heroes and villains, Dungeons and Dragons characters, Yu-Gi-Oh characters, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While some people will play all within one set, others, like myself, enjoy making teams that could never occur even in the most ideal stories.

4. A Game For Everyone

Like I said, pretty dang informative board.

I’m not even kidding when I say I have played this game against people from age 8 to age 68 … approximately. Okay, so I don’t know exactly how old some people I’ve played with were, but still. This is a game that is appealing to all age groups. It has familiar faces on the cards, easy to learn rules (hell, the individual boards basically explain it all), and it’s short, sweet, and to the point! Pretty perfect if you ask me, and, well, I am an expert after all.

5. A Fairly Cheap Collection

Just look at them!

For those of you who play, don’t start complaining to me about the hundreds of dollars you’ve spent on this game, I’m in your boat. Sit quietly while I explain point #5.

Starter packs of different sets run around $20 ($15 for some of the older ones still in print, hooray for patiently waiting I guess?), which is decently cheap for a board game, as any collector will tell you. In addition to that, booster packs, which contain 2 cards with 1 die each, are only $1!! Sure, it’s random and you might end up with some repeats (I have about 8 Pepper Potts dice myself) but half the fun is ripping them open to see what you got! You only need a minimum of 1 die on a card to use it, so you don’t have to buy a ton of boosters if you don’t want to. Thus why I say it can be a pretty cheap collection. However, if you’re like most of us you’ll probably succumb to how pretty …ahem…I mean awesome the dice are and you’ll want to collect them all!

There’s about a million and one reasons why I freakin’ love Dice Masters, but these are the biggest. I recommend this game to literally everyone, even if you’re not that into board games (yet!). Check it out because it’s worth the money for something this fun, interesting, and versatile.

*This is not a paid/compensated promotion*

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