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Top 10 X and Write Games

About 3 years ago (7/11/19) I posted about my new favorite mechanism in games – roll & writes. It was pretty new to me at the time, and I was fairly enamored by pretty much every game in that category that I played. The genre has expanded a ton since then – I feel like half the games I see also have a roll and write version! It’s definitely still one of my favorite game styles, but my tastes have also changed a bit since my original list. So, let’s revisit and see where we stand now! This list includes roll & write games, flip & write games, and general “do” and write games (i.e. you may roll and flip).

Top 10 IP Games

Let’s talk about IP Games! I tend to love board games with strong themes I can get into. I like tons of themes, and I’m a-okay with games that build their own worlds. But, if I see a game tied to an IP I’m familiar with and a fan of, you can bet I’ll be looking to learn more about it! For this list, I picked some of my very favorite IP games, and tried to focus on games that I thought used the theme well; I tried to avoid games that merely did a re-skin of a game (like Clue). Let’s check them out!

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