Hey Gamers!
Since I know I tend to mention my fiancé a lot, since that’s who I play pretty much all my games with, I thought it would be fun to introduce him a little more properly after all this time!
(He disagrees; hates the attention … oh well!)

So without further ado, meet Stephen! (Yes, we basically have the same name, we get it, we’re adorable).

Who: Stephen, my fiancé, person who introduced me to the hobby, cool dude
Occupation: Rule reader extraordinaire (mostly because I refuse to read rules as often as I can, remember?); Expert gaming partner
Favorite Game: Galaxy Trucker (thumbs down from me, dude)
Player Color: He always opts for orange when it’s available, but unfortunately it isn’t very often. His choices then go from purple, then to yellow, then to “whatever is available.” Unlike me who freaks out if I’m not red, Stephen is usually happy to choose his color last and get whatever there is. 
Least Favorite Game: He has a few that he rates at a “1,” but decided that The Mind is his absolute least favorite game (fair).
Favorite Mechanic: Deck building
Least Favorite Mechanic: Cooperative Play
Cons He’s Attended: Tas-Con, Grand Con, Temple Con, PAX Unplugged, and Granite Game Summit
Why He Likes Games: Because they’re fun, of course!
His Contribution to the Blog: Without Stephen, I wouldn’t be able to do this. I generally dislike solo gaming, and most of the games I’ve played don’t have solo play anyway. He is always willing to try things out with me which allows me to do this. He’s also proofread/corrected a bunch of my articles and has more recently helped me in playtesting the game I’m working on for 2019 GenCan’t (surprise!)! He’s awesome and I’m so glad to be on this gaming adventure with him by my side being cool and supportive. 
Personal Quote for this Article: “No Comment” – Stephen, probably.

Thank you all for joining me for this introduction! See you next time ^__^