If your tabletop games are looking a little drab, never fear! CUBE is here to save the day! Unconfined by shape, size, and color, CUBE is everything you want, everythign you need, and then …. MORE. CUBE is a ninja today, a villager in distress tomorrow, sometimes it takes Thursdays off, but then it’s back again as a fire breathing dragon! CUBE’s only limit is your sense of imagination. So dream big and bring CUBE to life! (It even has a CUBE-inom-icon to help with that part).

What Is It?

CUBE is a take-an-action figure for tabletop gaming, and the most versatile gaming component you’ve ever seen. CUBE has unlimited potential that it’s just waiting for you to unlock. Our featured CUBE is the Horror CUBE, itching for you to read to it from that CUBE-inom-icon, and maybe sacrifice a soul or two to it. But CUBE has other forms as well, like Farming and Pirate. CUBE never changes shape, size, or color in “reality,” but if you believe in it and imagine hard enough, it will transform right before your eyes!

Who Is It For?

CUBE is for anyone and everyone! Gamers and non-gamers alike can find plenty of uses for CUBE (although CUBE loves a good game, admittedly). Children and adults as well can equally enjoy CUBE’s company (ages 3+ for safety sake, though). CUBE is for dragons, werewolves, and of course humans too! If you haven’t met CUBE yet, what are you waiting for?

Quality and Components

CUBE is strong and sturdy … so long as you need it to be that is. CUBE also comes well equipped for all sorts of adventures as well with various accessories! From a hat, to books, to a sketchy looking jar of … parts, and more, even a backdrop of monsters, CUBE is ready for action!


As we already know, CUBE is anything, everything, and whatever you want. But, in case that’s too much pressure or too overwhelming for you to consider, CUBE’s instruction booklet comes with various suggestions for what CUBE can be, such as a ball or a creepy doll. I’d like to provide you with a few more of my own as well:

  • A spinning top, if you do it just right
  • A television! Watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere (of course CUBE has every streaming service built in, what kind of question is that?)
  • A foot rest … you know for a fairy or something
  • An attractive paperweight that will make your office mates oh, so jealous
  • A multi-tool that can open any lock, cut any rope, unscrew any bottle, and more

Your options are limitless!

Pros and Cons

PROS: What’s not to love about CUBE? Honestly, CUBE is pretty much all greatness

CONS: Okay, so CUBE hasn’t unlocked full stealth mode yet, so others may see it coming since CUBE can’t hide in your pocket. Luckily, CUBE wants them to see CUBE coming.

Final Thoughts

Horror CUBE is my new best friend (and possibly also my new worst adversary, if the other players get a hold of it) and CUBE could be your pal too! Or maybe Sci-Fi CUBE is for you, or Fantasy CUBE. No matter which you choose (maybe one of each?) CUBE will be your warrior, your alien, your vampire, your guild master, maybe even your sibling. As long as you allow your imagination to run wild, CUBE will be right there running alongside!

My Final Rating: 10/10 – it’s exactly what you expect (but also more, since, you know, imagination!)

Additional Information:
Designer – Flip Florey
Artist/Graphic Designer – Kiril Tchangov
Sold By – Top Shelf Fun
MSRP – $14.99

*I was provided a CUBE to do this review*

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