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Top “#” lists of certain games

Top 10 AEG Games

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has so many games, that sometimes even I forget everything that’s by them! I have found a lot of great games thanks to them, and so I wanted to put my favorites all together in one list and share them with the world! They have a bunch of variety, so there’s something for everyone. Even if you don’t find it on this list, there might be something of theirs for you too! (Note – I know not everything is still published by them, but my list looks at any games they’ve ever published). Let’s get started!

Top 5 Japanime Games

I’ve never been huge on anime. I only started watching some when I went to college, and I’ve only found a handful of series that I really enjoy. So, I would have assumed that I’d not really care for most games a company called Japanime would put out. That would be incorrect however, and for good reason! I think Japanime’s games are often overlooked because of their themes and art styles, especially in America. So I want to talk about a few of my favorites in case they aren’t on your radar yet, because they should be. Spoiler alert: They are really good at deck builders, so if you like deck building games, this is a list you want to check out.

Top 10 Games From the 90’s

A lot of great things debuted in the 1990’s. The Lion King … Beanie Babies … me💖. Oh, and a lot of rad board games, too. When I looked for my favorites from the decade, I noticed something in common between them … they’re all kind of goofy! But that’s what I like about them. I didn’t play them back then, I was too young, but they still sort of give me a sense of nostalgia in a way, just for being a kid, I guess. This is your healthy reminder that this list is just my opinion of things I most enjoy, and is not indicative of the best games of the time or anything … although that’s subjective too, so keep that in mind too. Anyway, here are my top 10 games from the 90s:

Top 10 Games of 2021

Hey gamers! Did you have a good year of gaming? I’m so glad I was finally able to go to a game convention again, I missed it so much. Of course, I didn’t play every game that came out in 2021 (who has?) and I still have a bunch of them that I need to play that I just haven’t gotten to the table yet, but I still found some gems I adore! Check out my top ten games that (as far as I know) came out in 2021!

Top 100 Games, 2021 Edition!

Welcome back, gamers, to another look at my Top 100 List! As I’ve mentioned before, to determine my top 100 I look at my highest rated games (rated 8-10) and then plop that entire list into a ranking engine which presents me two at a time to vote on which I prefer.

It can be so hard sometimes to pick what game I prefer to narrow this list down because the fact is, while some games I’d play any time with anyone, some games are better with certain groups/counts, or better when I want to play something really long versus really short, or better when I’m well-rested and ready to strategize! Few games work for me at every time, so it’s hard to rate them in “black and white” terms, so to speak.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried, and so here is the list! Which of these are your favorites? Anything you don’t see that you think I should try, or curious why something you’ve seen mentioned on the blog didn’t make the cut? Let’s chat!

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