Another year of great gaming down, and another right on the horizon too! Here’s a look at some stats from my 2023 gaming year! What are your favorite stats to see about what games you’ve played, if any?

Number of Plays: 876

Unique Games Played: 426

Different People Played With: 27

Unique Locations Played At: 11

Hours Spent Playing Games: 558

Games I Spent the Most Hours On: Marvel United (23 hours – top spot by a huge margin!); Chronicles of Crime (13 hours); Starship Captains (10 hours); Suspects: Claire Harper Takes the Stage (10 hours); and Unlock! (8 hours)

Number of Days I Played Games: 264

H-Index: 8 – That means I played 8 games at least 8 times. They were: Marvel United, Similo, Fish Feud, Unlock!, Bouncing Bingo, Insider, Merchants of Magick: A Set a Watch Tale, and Starship Captains

New-To-Me Games/Expansions Played: 188

My 2023 Win Percent: 61%

Stephen’s 2023 Win Percent: 50%

My Least Favorite New-to-Me in 2023 Games: There were a bunch of games that came in below a 4-rating this year, but my bottom 3 were Wildtails: A Pirate Legacy, Gardens of Babylon, and Invader Zim: Adventure Bones

My Favorite New-to-Me in 2023 Games: On the other hand, there were so many great games I played this year, it was hard to choose favorites! My top 3 would have to be Almost Innocent, Merchants Cove, and Starship Captains

My Favorite New-to-Me in 2023 Expansion: I don’t pick up a ton of expansions these days, for one reason or another. But of what I did play, I think my favorite would be Picture Perfect: The Sherlock Expansion

Stephen’s Least Favorite New-To-Him in 2023 Games: Stephen had a lot of things come in with low scores this year, and his bottom 3 ended up being The Tree Trimming Game, TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night, and Kero

Stephen’s Favorite New-to-Him in 2023 Games: Like me, Stephen loved Merchants Cove, and he also picked Galaxy Hunters, and Celtae, which I also enjoy!

Stephen’s Favorite New-to-Him in 2023 Expansion: He liked Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai: Kami Rising best, which is a great choice in my opinion too!

Cheers to more gaming throughout 2024!

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