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Can You Escape The FOG?

The mysterious, perilous FOG is rolling in. No one who has been swallowed by it has ever come back… As the island Guardian, it is up to you to help the islanders escape before it’s too late. The path may be difficult to navigate, but with the islanders counting on you, we know you’ll be able to come to the rescue. Hurry now, before the FOG consumes the whole island!

Crack the Case & Book the Crooks!

Three treacherous thieves have been apprehended for thefts at the art exhibition in Cliffrock Villa, but our evidence is a mess, and we can’t quite pin the right crime to the right culprit. That’s where you come in, investigators. We need to figure out who stole what, when, and how they tried to escape so that we can put them away for good. Hurry – there’s no time to waste!

Who’s Ready to Race?

If you’re ready to bid on the best racers around and help them cross the finish line, then it’s time for Downforce! Do your best not to get stuck behind your opponents when you come around the bends so that you can score big as you cross the finish line. But don’t worry, even if you don’t finish first, you may be able to earn a nice payout if you bet on the right racer to win! Ready? Let’s roll!

*Please note: This review is in reference to the Target Edition of the game*

Living on the Edge: Daring Dustbunnies

Life as a dustbunny can be pretty hard. You’re trying to enjoy under-the-sofa life, but with your fate tied to a fluffball, you’re always living on the edge, unsure of how safe you really are. The fluffballs are always right between the safety of the carpet, and the clutches of the vacuum, and for your sake, you’d better hope the vacuum doesn’t gobble them up. Try to help your fluffball get as close to the bag as you can, and do what you can to make sure your opponent’s do get sucked in!

Top 5 Racing Games

Will you be #1 in these racing games?

Everybody loves a good race, right? Whether it’s a foot race on the playground as a kid, watching the Indy 500, or even playing a board game, a race is always a fun time! Unless you come in last I suppose… that’s probably not super fun…

While there’s a few ways you can interpret “race” this list looks at a few of my favorite race games where players or other elements of the game rush from a start to a finish, instead of racing against a clock/timing elements. Let’s check them out!

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