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Break Your Chains to Escape Your Nightmares

You are the children that the evil Daemon has captured in its’ nightmare castle. It is trying to chain you down and keep your souls for all eternity. If you stick together while investigating the castle, and use your unique abilities wisely, you’ll surely be able to escape the vicious nightmares. Good luck!

Can You Free The Kingdom?

For many years, the Demon King has roamed the land, leaving only terror in his path. If only we had a strong and worthy hero to rid us from his reign! Oh … you would like to give it a try? Well, I suppose we have nothing to lose! All you have to do is navigate dangerous landscapes, traverse the the mysterious whirlpools, and visit the Demon King’s throne to face him once and for all! Piece of cake, right? Please, finally free our shackled kingdom!

Fables – We Need Your Help!

As the wicked Water Witch, Nimue, plots the demise of the world as we know it, it is up to you, the Heroes of Fables, to save it. Beware, the witch is crafty, and she has summoned a fearsome enemy to be her champion. It’s now your job to figure out exactly which foe you’re up against, and which mighty weapon will take them down. Adventure through the four realms to collect mana, money, and knowledge to assist you on your most important quest yet!

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