Do you L❤️VE gazing at adorable animals and gushing about which one is the cutest of them all? Do you also think you’re a pro at figuring out which animals your friends will find the best of the best? Then you’ll definitely want to check this one out! Let’s take a closer look …

What Is It?

A party card game where 5 animal cards come out each turn and players take turns as the “cuteness critic,” secretly choosing which of the available animals is the ‘most cutest.’ All other players will secretly guess which animal they think the cuteness critic chose (not necessarily which they themselves think is the cutest). The cuteness critic will score 1 point for each player who guessed correctly, and everyone who guessed correctly will get 1 point as well. Play until everyone has had a chance at being the critic twice, and the player(s) with the highest score wins!

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 5+ – Simple rules and gameplay, plus no reading required makes this a great game anyone can enjoy
  • 3+ Players – Too many players will extend the game a fair amount, but there’s really no limit to how many can play.
  • Fans of cute animals
  • Fans of games like Heartthrob where you have to guess who others will choose


  • Aesthetics – The animals photos are so cute!
  • Rules – Straightforward, easy to learn and play
  • Can play with a large range of players (small to large groups, various ages,various skill levels)
  • Plays smoothly and quickly
  • I thought it was nice that any animals that were chosen get wiped from the line-up, to keep things fresh, and let you see more cute pictures!


  • Not a big deal, but I did find it odd that players are supposed to announce which animal they think the critic chose going around the table. It makes it easy to change your mind at the last second and maybe choose the same answer as someone else you think may know the critic better. My group thought it worked a little better to write down guesses as a way to “lock in” the answers

Final Thoughts

I didn’t expect to be super enamored with this little game, but I gotta say, I adore it! It’s so simple, which allows me to play with pretty much anyone, plus it’s quick, so I can pull it out even when I only have a few minutes for a game. The animals are so super cute too, so anyone who likes animals is sure to appreciate it. I think if you’re looking for something to add to your filler games collection, or want something that kids and adults can all play together and enjoy, this is a great choice!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 8/10
Designer – Matt Fantastic
Artist – Blaise Sewell
Publisher – Forever Stoked Creative
Coming Spring 2022

*I was provided a prototype copy of this game to do this preview*
*All components shown are subject to change*

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