Hey there gamers! New Year means new content, so we’re going to switch things up a bit with a new kind of post! I had the pleasure of speaking to Stavros Polyviou at Cackleberry Games who worked on the upcoming game Gardens of Babylon. We did a little interview to showcase the game and his work, so get ready to learn about the next game on your want to play list. Let’s go!

What was your role in regards to the game?

This is Stavros – Hi Stavros!!
Stavros was the game designer on Gardens of Babylon, although he said he always considers his playtesters and business partners as co-designers.

What made you want to design Gardens of Babylon (or a game in general)?

Stavros says that, “The process that culminated with the design of Gardens of Babylon began with a simple observation: a hexagon can be viewed as an isometric projection of a cube. What makes the game stand out is its use of this 2.5D optical illusion as an integral part of the game mechanics.” Definitely sounds like a unique concept to me!

Is this your first game? If so, will you continue to design/create games in the future? If not, what other games have you created?

“This is my first game that will reach publication. I will certainly continue designing and publishing games with our amazing team at Cackleberry Games. My other games include various two-player strategy games, a party game, and a children’s game. Our next Cackleberry Games project is Gods of Greece, a 4X game based on Greek mythology.”

What has your journey been like so far (from conception to your upcoming Kickstarter). Has it been good/bad, exciting/tedious, worth it?

“This has been a tremendously rewarding experience so far. Seeing people enjoying Gardens of Babylon at various conventions and playtest sessions more than makes up for all the hard work that went into designing, revising, prototyping and producing the game.”

What kind of game is Gardens of Babylon and who would you recommend it to? What makes the game unique?

Gardens of Babylon is a euro-style tactical game suitable for ages 10 and up. It can be played with family and friends. Casual gamers will appreciate the simple rules. More serious gamers will appreciate the replayability and emergent complexity. The light hearted and non-violent theme also makes the game appealing to a broader audience,” says Stavros. He added that “The 2.5D optical illusion is the most unique feature of this game. The cascade mechanic, maze building and its Babylonian theme also make the game stand out.”

It sounds like a game that will be easily enjoyed by many, which is pretty exciting to say the least.

Are you happy with how the game turned out? Anything you wish had been different, or that you’re still changing before its official release?

“When designing, I try to think the way a Japanese designer would. To the Japanese, design is a subtractive rather than an additive process. I believe we have managed to distill Gardens of Babylon down to its essence: a minimal set of rules leading to the maximum possible replayability and meaningful tactical decisions.”

As someone who wholeheartedly appreciates replayability, this sounds like a great idea to me!

How wide of a release will the game have? Do you hope it reaches gamers all over the globe?

Lucky for gamers everywhere, Stavros said, “Gardens of Babylon will be shipped internationally. The rules have been translated in German, French, Spanish and Italian. The game components are language-independent and the rules are simple enough that gamers the world over would be able to pick it up and start playing almost immediately.”

What are some of your own favorite games?

Stavros enjoys Viticulture and Scythe and said that T.I.M.E. Stories (one of my top 10 games of all time) is another of his favorites. “But if I had to pick just one game,” he concludes, “it would be Dungeons & Dragons. I met my Cackleberry Games partners through D&D. I have since been hooked and it has become an indispensable part of my life.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I hope Gardens of Babylon and our future Cackleberry Games projects find their way into gamers’ hearts. May they be the source of many memorable gaming experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds.”

There you have it folks! Some great info on what sounds like it’ll be a great new game. I’m looking forward to trying it out once released, are you? Regardless, happy gaming everyone!~

Additional Information:
KS release – January 22nd

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