Everybody loves a good cozy quilt, especially cats! You’ll need to create the best combinations of patches to make the most attractive quilt around. Will your design have the right colors, buttons, and patterns to be beautiful, or will it be a calico catastrophe? Let’s find out!

What Is It?

A tile-laying, pattern building game where players are trying to sew the best quilt. They will take turns drafting patch tiles and place those in their quilt boards in various arrangements in an attempt to fulfill goals on the boards, earn colorful buttons, and attract adorable cats – all of which will help them earn points. There are only a few available tiles each turn, so players have to try and plan ahead, or plan around their options. Once everyone has completed their quilt, players tally their scores and the player with the most points is named the Master Quilter!

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 12 +
  • 1 – 4 Players
  • Those who like a 30-45 minute game time
  • Players who enjoy recognizing/building patterns
  • Players who like a puzzle with a lot of options


  • Aesthetics – Colorful, fun looking
  • Variety – Set up (boards/goals/cats), and the random tile market give you a different game every time, plus the game includes achievements and scenarios to change things up too
  • Components – Nice quality cardboard components for all the tiles / tokens. Sturdy board that everything fits into nicely.
  • Equal Turns – I’m glad that everyone’s quilt gets fully completed and nothing ends the game early
  • Scenarios / Achievements – Neat additions to the game which lets you change up your strategy
  • Simple mechanics – place a tile, pick a tile – but still provides a challenge with puzzling out your best options


  • Randomness – Luck of the draw with what tiles come out, plus limited options (only 3 to choose from each turn)
  • Analysis Paralysis – The puzzley nature of the game is great, but can definitely lead to some long turns as certain players try to evaluate their best placements and choices
  • Scenarios / Achievements – I don’t like the idea of writing in the rulebook so I wish these had been included separately on like an additional scorepad type thing.


  • Family – No goals; these tiles are still placed, but get flipped over so they only serve as obstacles on the player boards. Great option for a more welcoming game for kids/families/beginners to learn the mechanics and/or have a more casual game.
  • 2 Player Low Variance – Removes 1 set of 36 patch tiles from the game. Okay variant for a 2 player game, so that the bag isn’t flooded with too many of the same tile; keeps things right for competing for certain colors/patterns.
  • Solo – Same game play, but tile market is a conveyor belt, so after each turn the furthest tile from the bag wipes away. Glad that it adds a rotating market to keep things moving (just as an opponent would) and that gives it an added level of puzzle since the player knows which tile will go away and can plan their choice each turn around that. An enjoyable, relaxing solo experience. Also works great with the Scenario variant (below).
  • Achievements – Achievements players can earn based on scores or other game acts (i.e. earn 9+ buttons). The rulebook has space for up to 6 players to record their accomplishments. A super simple but cute addition to the game to add to the competition, since only the winner gets to claim an achievement,
  • Scenarios – Specific ways to set up the game as well as a few objectives that you need to complete in order to pass the scenario. I thought this was a great tool for this style of game since it’s already so puzzley; it really adds to that aspect of the game, and makes for a need “campaign-like” experience, if you play through them all.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this game, overall. While I definitely felt like I often didn’t have very much choice, because of the limited options of the patch tiles and not always finding one of them an amazing fit for what I was working on on my board, there was still a lot to love. I really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of this game and doing the best with what I had available to me. And I think the final quilts always look really nice on the table. I’m definitely planning on trying out all of the scenarios as well, as I think they’re a super fun addition to the game that I’ll really enjoy in solo plays.

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 7/10
Designer – Kevin Russ
Artist – Beth Sobel
Publishers – Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG); Flatout Games
MSRP – $40.00

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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